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Area rug needs thick cushioning felt carpet pad

Rugs add a splash of style and beauty to rooms, hallways, and entrances. They also add a level of coziness to a home.

Unfortunately, rugs can become damaged, move out of place, collect dust, damage floors, and worst of all, be a tripping hazard.

That’s why you need a rug pad.

A good rug pad protects your floors from damage while ensuring your rug is held in place.

But to do all of that and provide luscious, next-tax-bracket level of comfort?

Then cushioned rug pads are your solution.

These dense and supportive pads add a plush layer of comfort to your rugs that your feet and your floors will love.

Want to make any, or all, of the rugs in your home nice and soft?

Then here’s what you need to know.

Rug cushion: the secret to making any rug soft and cozy

Adding a rug cushion under your rug is guaranteed to give it a comfortable, yielding feel.

A rug cushion will keep your rugs from moving out of place, bunching or wrinkling while also giving you the feeling of walking on clouds.

Just think of how luxurious your bedroom rug could be with one underneath.

Carpet Pad thick felt cushion

How to make your rugs softer with a rug cushion

We are pretty good at finding you exactly the right rug pad for your home. You want soundproofing for your noisy neighbors? A rug pad can help. You want non-slip grip under rugs in slippery places? A rug pad can help. You want to waterproof your floors from the cute little beasts that live in your home? A rug pad can help with that, too.

The best part?

A rug pad can do all of that and also make your floors feel cozier than a pile of warm clothes fresh out of the laundry.

Depending on the kind of comfort (and hazard prevention) you need, these are the best materials for a cushioned rug pad.

Felt: for durable, long-lasting cushion

Eco Plush rug pad for thick felt cushioning

Cushion Level: High
Best For: Large area rugs and heavy rugs
Cost: Low

Felt is a fabric made from natural or synthetic fibers (or a mix of both), constructed by interlocking fibers into a matted fabric. The process of felting produces a dense and durable fabric.

Due to its density, this pad offers great soundproofing qualities, making it ideal for storied buildings or high-traffic areas.

It is also soft so it won’t scratch your hardwood floors, and because it doesn’t stick, your floors will be damage-free.

However, they don't have much grip so are better for large rugs which are anchored by furniture.

A great example is our Eco-Plush rug pads, which are made of 100% felt and are ideal for your larger rugs. They are great value for their premium comfort at affordable costs.

Natural rubber + felt: for non-slip grip and thick cushioning

Superior Lock best carpet pad for thick felt cushion non slip

Cushion Level: Low (Rugpro), Medium (Contour-Lock), or High (Superior-Lock)
Best For: Small area rugs and thin rugs
Cost: High

Grip is essential for smaller area rugs as they tend to move about and slip.

To make your small area rug non-slip, a pad with a natural rubber backing is ideal as it has grip and will keep it in place.

Extracted from trees, natural rubber is non-sticky and non-toxic, so it will not damage even your sensitive hardwood floors or jeopardize the air quality in your house.

For both cushioning and grip, our dual-surface natural felt and rubber pads are ideal. You’ll love the Superior-Lock pad if these are the qualities you need.

Memory foam: for luxurious comfort

Cloud Comfort best carpet pad thick memory foam cushioning

Cushion Level: High
Best For: Large area rugs and heavy rugs
Cost: Medium

Memory foam is the same kind of material used for mattresses and pillows, so you’re guaranteed maximum cushioning. They’re made from 100% viscoelastic polyurethane foam.

They provide the best cushioning for your large rugs as they are quite thick and don’t provide much grip. Just delicious, cushy, leave-an-indentation comfort.

Memory foam thick cushion for carpet pads

Perfect for those spaces where you just want to lounge on the floor anyway.

Our Cloud Comfort Memory Foam pad provides maximum cushioning and the best comfort levels, just like walking on... wait for it... clouds. It may be higher priced but it’s well worth the cost.

What to consider for a rug cushion

What your pad will sit under is an important consideration when buying a rug cushion. Other factors include:


The thickness of your rug pad is important based on the kind of rug you have and where it lives. Generally speaking, these are the best options:

For thin, small area rugs, a thicker rug pad is not ideal as the raised profile can lead to tripping. A rug pad such as Contour-Lock is preferred in this case because it’s not too chunky, grips the floor, and still gives good cushioning for your feet. It will also increase the life of your rug.For large area rugs, pads such as Eco-Plush and the memory foam Cloud Comfort Memory Foam rug pads are ideal as they will be supported by the large rugs and are unlikely to move out of place.


Small area rugs and rugs in hallways tend to move out of place. Tile floors are also notorious for causing rugs to slip and slide across the floor.

Using a non-slip rug pad such as Contour-Lock and RugPro keeps your rugs from bunching or slipping out of place without sacrificing the cushy comfort you’re after.

But not too much cushion that you’ll trip or your doors will catch on them as they open and close.

Best rug pad for cushion door mat high traffic front door

The Superior-Lock also provides maximum grip and can be used with different types of rugs, large or small.


The material used in your rug pad is crucial. If you choose the wrong rug pad, then your nice floors can end up more damaged than your overused kitchen appliances.

PVC rugs made with synthetic rubber may discolor, stain, or scratch your floors.😱 It’s best to avoid them.

Before choosing a material for your cushy rug pad, check with your floor manufacturer’s instructions.

Rug pads made from organic jute fibers and recycled synthetic fibers are safer for your home as they do not release toxic chemicals into the air. Low-quality pads are notorious for giving off Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs).

Our rug pads use heat-pressed felt fabric, natural rubber, and memory foam. None of these will damage your surface or expose you to toxins.


budget best price rug pad for thick felt cushion non-slip carpet pad

The price of a rug cushion depends on its size, cushion density, and material. So if you’ve got your heart set

  • Low to High Price Tag: Felt and rubber combinations give the best of both worlds: comfort and non-slip. The thinner options, such as the RugPro, are quite affordable but provide virtually no cushion. As you increase the thickness, you increase the price.
  • Medium Price Tag: PVC rug cushions sit right in the middle price-wise, costing more than natural rubber pads and just a notch below the memory foam price point.
  • High Price Tag: Our Cloud Comfort Memory Foam is made of 100% viscoelastic memory foam and is like a mattress for your feet. It’s pricier than thinner rug pads, but the value is out of this world.

How to make any rug feel like a cloud

Most rugs are designed to keep your feet warm, especially on tile and cement floors. But while some rugs are soft underfoot, others can be a little coarse due to the materials used in making them.

Our advice: get that bad boy on a plush rug pad.

Here’s how to find the best plush cushion:

Step 1:

Identify the kind of rug you have in both area coverage and density. Smaller rugs need grip while larger rugs do not because the weight of the rug and any furniture on top of them already holds them in place.

Step 2:

Identify whether the area rug is in a high or low traffic area. Low traffic areas could use felt rug pads, while high traffic areas need natural rubber + felt.

Step 3:

Visit our buying guide for help finding exactly what you need. You can narrow your search according to specifications.

Call us if you need help.

Step 4:

Place your rug pad under your rugs, and voila, they will feel like a cloud.

FAQs about using a rug cushion

These questions on rug cushioning detail their use a little more:

What do you put under a rug?

A rug pad is the best way to keep your rugs in place, protect your rugs and your floor surface, add a level of soundproofing, and more.

Can you use a rug as a rug pad?

This is not a good idea, as this still poses the same problems such as slipping, damaged floors, and tripping over two bunched-up rugs.

Do Rug Pads Make A Rug Softer?

Yes, rug pads on your floor provide ample cushioning for your rugs, giving them a softer cloud-like feel.

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