How to Choose the Right Rug Pad for Your Rug Type

What's the best rug pad for me?

A great rug adds character and personality to a room. A well chosen Kilim rug can instantaneously transform your living space from dull to charming. Whatever your tastes and preferences, there’s a perfect rug out there for every home.

You finally found the perfect one! It's soft on your feet and draws the eye without feeling overwhelming. So, you start researching ways to protect it and come across rug liners.

That’s when you find them- the horror stories. There’s ones of chemicals seeping into floorboards and causing irreparable damage. Of volatile gases released into the air and destroying air quality. Instead of keeping your rug in place, poorly made rug pads stick to it (and the floor) and damage the fibers.

It's horrifying.

And then even when you find the environmentally friendly rug pads there’s other factors to take into account. You want a rug pad that fits with your rug, doesn’t raise its profile too much so as to become a tripping hazard, prevents slipping and slipping and doesn’t damage the rug’s structural integrity.

The last thing you want to do while trying to protect your new rug is to destroy the floor they complement.

It's not all bad news. In this post, we'll help you match your rug to the best rug pad.

And, just like you spent time and effort picking out the perfect rug for each room and floor type, you'll find the best rug pad to complement it.

Thicker rugs have many benefits. They tend to stay in place well, they are comfortable on your feet and provide plenty of cushioning. A heavy area rug is less likely to slip out of place and is great for high traffic areas.

Best thin nonskid rug pad

Nature's Grip, a thin, non-slip rug pad will provide enough protection to the rug and act as a buffer between it and the floor without adding extra bulk. This type of rug pad is completely invisible and yet still works hard to add that extra bit of protection. It grips the rug, keeping it firmly in place and minimizes tripping potential!

Superior Lock best nonslip thick felt carpet pad

Certain glossy floor finishes like polyurethane are subject to staining from rug pads that use synthetic rubber. Using Superior-Lock, a felt and natural rubber rug pad will prevent staining and keep your floors damage-free.

Best thick padding plush felt rug pad

For large area rugs that stay in place by themselves, you can add extra comfort by using Eco-Plush, a luxurious all-felt rug pad. It adds padding and has soundproofing qualities so you don't have to worry about waking up the family or the downstairs neighbors!


Small rugs are great for accenting particular parts of a room or to add to smaller spaces like a home office, a guest bedroom or the hallway. But, because they don't have the weight of larger area rugs to keep them in place they tend to move and shift out of place.

Best rug pad for hall runner

To keep them firmly where you want them, use a non-slip rug pad like Super-Lock Natural. A rug pad made of natural rubber will keep a smaller rug firmly in place by gripping it on one side, and the floor on the other.

Unlike synthetic rubber rug pads that can literally stick to the floor and leave unsightly markings, natural rubber is denser and heavier and it grips, instead of sticking. A thin profile will not add unnecessary bulk.

Flat woven rugs

Woven on looms, flat woven rugs like Kilims and Soumaks often have rough backings. That means that when you walk over them, the backing can scratch the floor.

To protect floors like hardwood from any unnecessary damage, use a rug pad that's thick enough to act as a buffer between the rug and the floor, but thin enough to not detract from the rug and raise the profile up too much.

Best nonslip rug pad for flatweave rug

A rug pad like the Contour-Lock, made from a blend of natural rubber and felt grips the rug and keeps it in place. The slightly raised profile, on the other hand, provides cushioning and increases your comfort.

High-end and handmade area rugs

Best rug pad for 8x10 foot rug

Handmade and high end rugs tend to be more than a spur of the moment decision. You've spent time and effort looking for the right one- the kind of rug that really adds character and warmth, the kind of rug you'd be proud to see every day.

This kind of investment needs to be protected and looked after. A non-slip, low profile rug pad like Anchor Grip will keep them firmly in place. The EVA backing adds a little more protection and felt offers more cushion than an open weave and catches dirt and sand that can slip through the cracks.

Comfort and protection go hand-in-hand

The most important thing when selecting a rug pad is to ensure it is perfectly suitable for your needs. Make sure you pick the right profile height and that it has enough cushioning to make you comfortable.

Rug pads made from natural materials are more than just environmentally friendly- they are kinder to both your floors and your rugs. Select a rug pad that fits with your expectations and lifestyle- one that will be a benefit to your home, not a hidden cost.

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