3 Convincing Reasons You'll Want a Waterproof Rug Pad

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How annoying is it to come across random spots, stains, and mold on the floor?

Let’s be honest. Sometimes when pets make a mess — by spilling drinks or peeing on the carpet — we discover too late.

Similarly, our feet can transfer water and spills around the house. Especially from the bathrooms or outside on a rainy or snowy day. The dampness can soak up in the doormat and hallway runners. And before you know it, your floor has patches of water damage...

...that’s why you need a waterproof rug pad.

Waterproof rug pads soak up the fluids and block them from reaching the floor. So, lay a spill-proof rug pad under carpets in the areas of your home where your children and pets are likely to make a mess.

These include the playroom, living room, and dining room. Additionally, add a water-resistant rug pad to the bathroom hallway and main entrances to reduce floor damage caused by water transfer.

How does a waterproof rug pad work?

A waterproof rug pad is a rug pad with a liquid-resistant barrier.

These rug pads create a moisture block to prevent or delay the fluids from reaching, and ruining, floors.

Today we’ll discover the three causes of floor damage that you can prevent by using a waterproof rug pad. More to that, we’ll identify how to choose the best waterproof rug pad in the right size for your area rugs.

Why use a waterproof rug pad? Here are three easy reasons

Carpeted floors make your home warm and cozy. They offer you a cushioning underfoot feeling.

But carpets, no matter how thick, allow fluid through to the floor. And although you’ll clean the area rug, the messes underneath it remains. Consequently, the build-up of the spills results in floor damage.

Luckily, using a 100% waterproof pad under your carpet solves that problem. It'll prevent the mess from reaching your beautiful laminate, tile, vinyl, or hardwood floors.

Let’s see how 100% waterproof rug pads will help you in:

Pet-proofing your rugs and floors.Protecting the floors from spills.Indoor/outdoor waterproofing.

1. Pet-proofing your rugs and floors

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Pet accidents are unavoidable. They mostly happen when we’re not in the house — as the pet snuggles on the cushioned rugs all day.

Moreover, you’ll likely find pet urine under furniture like couches or beds. And, it can take you a while before you pinpoint where the pet accident took place.

Over time, the pet urine soaks through your carpet into the hardwood floors causing them to rot.

Fortunately, a waterproof rug pad blocks pet urine from reaching the floor.

2. Spill protection

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A waterproof rug pad will save you from unexpected embarrassing spot discoveries and flooring repairs. So, when you’re moving, you’ll be sure the floors are intact.

The waterproof barrier — made of memory foam or soybean oil polymer blend — in the rug pad contains the fluids. Hence, they protect the floor.

However, you’ve got to vacuum and wash the rug pad occasionally to keep it free of smell and discoloration.

3. Indoor/outdoor waterproofing

boots stomping through a puddle

The entryway and bathroom hallways are high foot-traffic areas. The floor in that space is prone to water damage, especially in the rainy season.

For that reason, you need to lay a waterproof rug pad that has sufficient grip. As a result, your family and guests can wipe the water off the doormat. And the pad will protect the floor underneath.

The water-resistant rug pad will prolong the life of your area rugs and floors.

That’s because a waterproof pad with grip — such as the Anchor Grip and Cloud Comfort — will cushion the rug and floor from movement. In turn, that’ll limit floor scratches well as wear and tear on the rug.

Types of waterproof rug pads

RugPad USA has several types of waterproof rug pads. The difference in the rug pads is the material used to form the water-resistant barrier.

Memory foam rug pads

The Cloud Comfort Memory Foam rug pad is made with a thick layer of memory foam that forms the moisture barrier.

Cloud Comfort rug pad

Most importantly, the memory foam material is breathable. It allows air circulation and keeps the floors dry. It also helps to soundproof your home by absorbing echo and high sound frequencies.

However, it’s not made with rubber to prevent slips. So it’s only suitable for large rugs that only require extra cushioning, like in the living room or playroom area rugs where children and pets likely make messes.


Its thickness level gives you supreme cushioning.Safe for laminate, tile, stone, marble, and wood floor.


It’s not non-slip.

Waterproof non-slip rug pad

The Anchor Grip rug pad is an excellent non-slip low-profile waterproof rug pad.

Anchor Grip Rug Pad

It’s made with EVA which makes it resistant to mold and mildew. It’s a high-end non-slip rug pad that’s designed for floor types like LVP (luxury vinyl plank) which rubber and latex is not compatible with. Thus, it’s suitable to use under smaller rugs and runners prone to slipping.

Rug pads made with EVA offer a more durability and better gripping alternative to PVC pads


  • Protects the floor surface because it’s free of plasticizers that can react with certain floor finishes.
  • Safe for vinyl, hardwood, laminates, tile, marble, stone, concrete.
  • Safe to use on heated floors because it’s heat resistant.


  • Doesn’t have a lot of cushion to give you a plush walking surface.

How to size your waterproof rug pad

RugPad USA undertakes all the manufacturing processes in the USA, including custom sizing the rug pads.

All you have to do is to submit the size of your rug/carpet and our team will do the rest. The manufacturers cut the rug pad by hand to your rug’s exact measurements. To ensure there's no overlap or bunching, they leave an inch along the sides.

FAQs about waterproof rug pads

Is there waterproof padding for carpets or rugs?

Yes. Check out the Anchor Grip,and Cloud Comfort rug pads.

How do you pet-proof a rug?

One of the best ways to pet-proof a rug is to lay a waterproof, non-slip, and cushioning rug pad underneath it. The best rug and rug pad for pets is stain-resistant or very easy to clean in case of pet accidents.

How do you clean dog urine out of a rug?

  1. Dry the carpet.
  2. Mix equal parts of vinegar and water and lightly scrub the area.
  3. Once it’s dry apply baking soda to remove the smell.
  4. Mix equal parts of water, hydrogen peroxide, and a small amount of dish soap. Pour it over the baking soda and give it a thorough scrub.
  5. Lastly, vacuum the carpet.

How do you stop mold from growing on carpet?

One great way of preventing carpet mold is to use a mold resistant rug pad. A rug pad, made from naturally mold-resistant material, will be in direct contact with your home's floor creating a moisture resistant barrier and allow for good airflow.

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