Super Lock Natural

Classic non-slip rug pad made with over 1lb of natural rubber per sq yard

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Nature's Grip

Made with natural rubber and plant fibers

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Anchor Grip

Solid design provides firm grip, increased floor protection, and a surprisingly plush feel

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Our strongest gripping non slip rug pad - made with natural rubber and felt

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Best overall value for subtle cushioning and reliable gripping power

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Superior Lock 1/4"

Cushioned felt combined with a reinforced natural rubber backing

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Eco Plush 3/8"

Dense felt pad with generous cushioning for use with larger rugs that don’t require a non-slip pad

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Rug Pads for Laminate Floors

Why You Need a Rug Pad for Laminate Floors

Laminate flooring has a similar look to beautiful hardwood flooring but offers more durability at a fraction of the price. However, your laminate floors aren’t indestructible, so you still want to take steps to protect them from damage.

Rugs on laminate floors can occasionally scratch or discolor the flooring which you definitely don’t want. With our rug pads, you can avoid this from happening. In the last 10 years of selling rug pads for laminate floors, we’ve never had any issues with any of our pads damaging, marring, or staining laminate floor finishes.

Benefits of Our Rug Pads for Laminate Floors

Whichever rug pad for laminate floor you choose from our selection, we know you’re going to love it! (If you don’t, get in touch and we’ll fix it.) Check out some of the benefits of our multifunctional premium rug pads for laminate floors.

Laminate Floor Protector

While laminate is very durable, they still need protection from scratches or staining from rugs and heavy furniture. Our rug pads provide an extra layer between your rug and floor to protect laminate floors from damage.

Rug Protection

Rugs can wear down from heavy furniture or general use too. Our quality rug pads act as an extra barrier to reduce friction between the rug and floors so your rug lasts longer.

Stop Rug Slipping on Laminate Floor

Rugs on laminate flooring can be especially slippery and even more so in high traffic areas. Our natural rubber or PVC rug pads can safely keep your rugs (and furniture) in place.

Laminate Floor Padding

One of our cushioned rug pads can make great laminate floor padding under your rug to make your floor feel more comfortable and luxurious.

Environmentally Friendly

We make all our rug pads as sustainably as possible and our two most eco-friendly pads – Nature’s Grip and Eco Plush – are both safe for laminate flooring.


Our domestic manufacturing allows us full control over what goes into our products so you won’t get any harsh chemicals that can smell bad or stain your laminate floors.



Great Laminate Floor Mat

Mat stopped my runners from sliding around and gives cushion on my laminate floors.

— Sandra W.

The Best Rug Pad for Laminate Floors by Room and Rug Size

It’s important to use a quality rug pad that’s made with materials that are compatible with your laminate floors. None of our rug pads have damaged, marred, or stained laminate floor finishes in the past 10 years, so any of our pads should be safe for your flooring.

Even so, floor finishes are always changing so if you’re especially concerned, we recommend contacting your flooring manufacturer to see what rug pad material is safe to use with your particular laminate model.

When choosing the best rug pad for laminate floors, the easiest way is to consider the size of your rug and the room it’ll be going in.

Rug Pads for a Smaller Rug or Runner Rug (Smaller than 6 x 9’)

With a small rug, throw rug, or runner rug on any hard floor, you'll typically need a non slip rug pad to prevent slipping, sliding and bunching. This will be especially true if the rug is in a high traffic area like a living room, hallway, entryway, or kitchen.

How to Keep Rugs From Slipping on Laminate Floors

You can use other ways to stop your rug from sliding on laminate floors like rug gripper, rug tape, or carpet tape, but these options can sometimes damage your floor or rug. For this reason, we recommend non slip rug pads for laminate floors. We have our PVC Anchor Grip pad and several different natural rubber non slip pads that will keep your rug in place without sticking to your floor.

The Best Low Profile Non Slip Rug Pads for Laminate Floors

If your flooring manufacturer recommends a rubber rug pad for your laminate, Super Lock Natural, Nature's Grip, and RugPro are all high performance, low-profile rug pads with strong grip, ideal for rugs in high traffic areas or those underneath doorways. The low profile ensures that doors can easily slide over most rugs and the rug won’t pose a tripping hazard while the natural rubber provides a super grippy surface to keep the rug in place.

The Nature's Grip rug pad is fully eco-friendly by merging natural fibers from rubber and jute. For an especially thin rug pad, go with our RugPro rug pad which is 1/16” thick and combines natural fiber rubber with synthetic fiber felt to safely grip the floor and your rug.

If you want to add extra comfort, a more padded non slip rug pad like the Contour Lock will provide more cushion while still having enough grip and keeping a low profile at just 1/8" thick.



Very Good Non-Slip Rug Pad

I bought an entryway rug pad that really does the job! I needed it to prevent the rug I had from slipping around on laminate flooring when people walked in and out the front door. Although this is a small pad, it does a big job! Very satisfied with my purchase.

— Steve H.


If your flooring manufacturer does NOT recommend rubber for your laminate, Anchor Grip, made from a soybean-based polymer blend is the best (and only) option for non-slip protection. The Anchor Grip rug pad is 1/8" thick so it won’t raise the rug up too high while the solid construction puts more padding in contact with your floor for maximum grip.

Rug Pads for Larger Area Rugs for Laminate Floors (8x10 Rugs or Larger)

A larger area rug for laminate floors usually has its own weight or surrounding furniture to anchor it down and doesn’t typically need a non-slip area rug pad.

For laminate floors, this makes choosing the right rug pad much easier because we offer breathable cushioned rug pads that are safe with all flooring types.

The Best Large Area Rug Pads for Laminate Floors

Our #1 recommendation for large area rug pads for laminate floors is our Eco Plush rug pad. Made from 100% recycled felt, the Eco Plush is a luxurious cushioned pad for large rugs and is completely safe to use with all types of laminate flooring as well as other hard flooring types. The pad comes in three different thicknesses (1/4", 3/8", and 1/2"), so you can choose the right one for your comfort preference.



Excellent Product & Customer Service!

We just made our first purchase from Rug Pad USA and it certainly won't be our last! We purchased several of the Eco Plush (1/4 thick) rug pads to protect our newly installed laminate flooring and placed them under several rather large new wool rugs (about 9x13 in size). The pads are perfect! The rugs now feel plush and cushy under your feet when you walk across them. They were cut perfectly and to fit. No initial odor from the pad either.

—  Pam D.


Need a Rug Pad for Another Flooring Type?

If you need a rug pad that will be safe for a different floor surface or need one to be safe with multiple floor types, we've got you covered.

The Best Rug Pad for Hardwood Floors

Wood floor can be tricky and since it's so expensive, you definitely don't want to damage it with a cheap rug pad. Start with our collection of rug pads safe for hardwood floors. For more information, see our eco-friendly rug pad picks for hardwood floor.

Non Staining Rug Pad For Vinyl Floors

Vinyl and vinyl plank floors can be tricky to protect because many vinyl flooring manufacturers recommend using a non-rubber product. These are our non-rubber alternatives (including our luxurious memory foam rug pad).

Rug Pads for Concrete Floors

For concrete and basement floors, you'll likely want a more cushioned rug pad to protect from the uneven and cold floor surface. Check our recommended carpet pad for basement flooring.

Rug Pads for Carpet

Layering a rug on carpet can be a great way to change up a room, but carpet can also cause bunching and wrinkling for your rug. Our Carpet Lock rug pad is the perfect answer.

For any other questions, feel free to give us a ring at +1 (800) 565-6011 and one of our experts will help you find the best rug pad for your rug and floors.