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Solid design provides firm grip, increased floor protection, and a surprisingly plush feel

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PVC Rug Pads

What Makes Our PVC Rug Pad The Best

Unlike traditional PVC rug pads, our PVC rug pad is made in the USA.

Why does this make us the best?

Because we have complete control over what goes on with our manufacturing and what goes into our pads. With our PVC rug pad (polyvinyl chloride or vinyl rug pad), you know you’re getting a quality-assured product AND you’re supporting US manufacturing.

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What Goes Into Our PVC Mats?

A cup of non slip grip, a heaping spoonful of floor protection, and a sprinkle of magic. 😉

Okay, actually, we use a high-performance soybean oil polymer blend that provides enhanced gripping power and long-lasting support. We engineered these PVC mats with a proprietary formula specifically designed to prevent floors from drying out, sticking, and yellowing.

Other PVC rug pads can sometimes use harmful chemicals like Phthalates, which can harm your floor finish. You won’t find any of those floor-ruining materials in our pads. Plus, while some other PVC rug pads have a glossy finish that can stick to hard floors, our PVC rug pad has more of a matte finish which will not stick to your floor.

Basically, we weren’t lying about the magic.

Why Choose The PVC Anchor Grip Rug Pad

Non Slip Grip

The Anchor Grip rug pad is a non slip rug pad which is great to keep smaller rugs in place. With a small rug, there are often issues with the rug moving around, wrinkling, or bunching up. With this pad, you’re in the clear.

Low Profile

With smaller rugs, runner rugs, or entryway rugs you need a thinner rug pad to avoid tripping hazards and make sure your rug fits under door clearances. The Anchor Grip PVC pad is 1/8" thick so you won't have to worry about the thickness causing any issues.

Safe For Flooring

Some floor finishes like vinyl, acrylic, linoleum and lacquered floor will recommend PVC rug pads over rubber. Our PVC rug pad will not stain or harm floors and is safe for these less common floor types along with wood floors.

Durable And Resists Compression

A common problem with some PVC rug pads is a lack of cushion or cushion that flattens or bottoms out. But not our area rug pad!

We engineered our premium rug pad with dense PVC specifically to resist compression so the material will provide extra cushioning and last longer than other cheaper PVC rug pads.



Anchor Grip works great!

Product was as advertised. Came in the exact measurement I requested and works wonderfully in keeping my 11ft runner in place. Love that is made with sustainable material. And it came when it was supposed to. Great Job RugpadUSA!

—  David S.

Wait, Is it Safe to Use Vinyl Rug Pads for Hardwood Floors?

In short, yes, you can use vinyl rug pads for hardwood floors. We’ve tested our PVC pads on many different hardwood floors and finishes and they haven’t stained or damaged any of them.


There are some restrictions to that. Floor finishes change and develop. If your hardwood floor manufacturer explicitly says not to use PVC on it’s hardwood floor or hardwood floor finish, do not use a PVC pad. You probably figured that out already, but just in case.

When PVC Isn't The Right Rug Pad Material For You

We can’t deny that sometimes, a PVC mat just isn’t for you. And that’s okay! Here's when we'd recommend one of our other rug pads.

Your Flooring Manufacturer Says No

When it comes to your floor’s safety, your flooring manufacturer is the boss. We always recommend following their guidelines.

Some flooring finishes (often hardwood floors) require a natural rubber rug pad or felt rug pad for an area rug. In this case, we wouldn't recommend using our PVC rug pad (psst, use one of our natural rubber or felt pads instead 😉).

However, every flooring manufacturer has different recommendations for their specific floor finish. Some will specifically recommend a PVC pad, so it's important to check with your floor manufacturer for their guidelines. We don’t make the rules there, we just follow them.

You’re Looking For Cushion

Looking for that plush, “walking-on-a-cloud” feeling from your pad? Our PVC pad may not be the best fit for you. (Sorry.) Don’t get us wrong — it’s still got some quality cushion, but if you don’t need a PVC pad, we can get you something better.

If your flooring doesn't require a PVC pad and you're looking for extra cushioning for large or medium rugs, we'd recommend going with a felted rug pad, memory foam pad, or felt and natural rubber pad. Check out our full collection of cushioned rug pads for more guidance on getting a quality rug pad with more padding.

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