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Natural Rubber Rug Pads

Why Use a Natural Rubber Rug Pad

Natural rubber out-grips and outperforms most traditional plastic padding, and is more sustainable than PVC or plastic rug pads. It's also safer on most floor finishes than PVC (aside from certain vinyl finishes that may not be suitable to combine with rubber). This is especially true with imported plastic padding, which often contains plasticizers that can harm your floor surface.

Is Natural Rubber Safe?

Yes, natural rubber is completely safe. Typically harvested from rubber trees, natural rubber is safe to breath, safe for all types of floors and finishes, and is a sustainable alternative to harmful PVC plastic padding.

Benefits of a Natural Rug Pad

There are lots of benefits of using a natural rug pad like our natural rubber rug pads. Here are a few benefits that make the biggest difference.

A Sustainable Alternative to Plastic

Our rubber rug pads use natural rubber from real rubber trees so it is more sustainable and eco-friendly than other PVC and plastic rug padding. We won't lie to you and say that natural rubber is perfect. There have been issues with the natural rubber industry. However, it can be done responsibly and in a way that's sustainable – and that's what we go for.

While our Nature's Grip rug pad is our most eco-friendly mat, you can see all our eco-friendly options in our eco friendly rug pad collection.

Non Slip Grip

Natural rubber is one of the best solutions for rug gripper out there. Our rubber grip pads will grip your floor and rug without sticking to them like some rug grippers or carpet tape does.

This is especially important on hard floors that are often slippery or for smaller rugs and runner rugs that have a tendency to move around. While there are other solutions for getting a rug to stay in place such as rugs with a rubber backing, a rubber pad offers a safe, low profile solution perfect for door mats, entryway rugs, or other rugs in high-traffic areas.

Want to see all your options for a non slip rug pad? Check out our non slip collection.

Safe For Flooring

Whether you have laminate flooring, hardwood flooring, or another type of hard surface floor, our natural rubber pad will protect your floor and rug and will never stain or discolor or floor surface.

Low Profile

Avoid tripping hazards in high traffic areas with low profile natural rubber rug pads.

Comfortable Cushion

Our Super Lock Natural rug pad offers a comfortable level of padding with its waffle design and over 1 lb of natural rubber per square yard.

Get to Know Our Natural Rubber Rug Mats

We carry two different pads that primarily use natural rubber: Super Lock Natural and Nature’s Grip.

Super Lock Natural Rug Pad: Our Natural Rubber Rug Pad

Our Super Lock Natural rug pad is the solution for keeping particularly slippery rugs in place in high-traffic areas. The natural rubber rug pad uses over a pound of natural rubber per square yard making it denser, heavier, and grippier than comparable latex and PVC pads.

The waffle designed pad is approximately 1/8-inch thick, has a comfortable level of cushioning, and helps to facilitate airflow between your rug and flooring.

This pad is one of our most popular rug pads, especially for runners and entryways, because it keeps a low profile and won’t add any extra bulk.



Great Rug Pad!

The Super Lock Natural rug pad is excellent – perfect amount of cushioning and the grip is equally excellent on our hardwood floors. My favorite rug pad yet. Wishing I’d gone with this particular pad with all our other rugs.

—  Shonna L.


Nature’s Grip Rug Pad: Our Organic Jute and Natural Rubber Pad

For an environmentally-friendly rug pad, Nature’s Grip is the one for you. This pad combines hand-woven organic jute fibers with natural rubber so you get the best grip for your rug with less of an impact on the environment.

While the natural rubber provides superior gripping capabilities that won’t damage floors, the tough plant jute base makes the pad extra durable. This pad is one of our least cushioned rug pads and is around 1/8-inch thick.

We’d recommend this pad for rugs where you don’t want much padding, such as small rugs, entryways, runners, or kitchen rugs.



Would Gladly Purchase Again

Exactly what I wanted! A nice low profile, no chemical smell, and very grippy. Arrived quickly and perfectly sized for my hallway runner. Would gladly purchase again.

—  - Eleanor B.


The Best Natural Rubber Rug Pad by Rug Size and Room

Our natural rubber rug pads are specifically best for situations where you don’t want much padding and need the best possible grip. Here’s what we’d recommend for different rug sizes.

The Best Natural Rubber Non Slip Rug Pad for Runners (2x8, 2x10, 3x8, 3x10)

Either one of our natural rubber rug pads will work incredibly well with runners because they are some of our strongest gripping pads. The main question you’ll want to ask is if you want slightly more cushion in your step with the Super Lock Natural or if you’d value the organic un-cushioned Nature’s Grip more.

Both these pads have a low profile 1/8" thickness so will make it easy for doors to slide over your rug and will keep even the slipperiest rugs in place.

The Best Natural Rubber Rug Mat for Small Rugs (2x3 up to 4x6 Rugs)

With small rugs, a low-profile anti skid rug pad will be best. This means that either of our natural rubber rug pads would serve your needs well. For an extra eco-friendly option, you’ll want our Nature’s Grip rug pad which incorporates organic jute fibers with the natural rubber so you get a more sustainable product.

The Super Lock Natural still uses our sustainable natural rubber and offers slightly more padding with equal gripping power.

Natural Rubber Floor Pads for Medium Rugs (4x6 - 7x10 Rugs)

While both our natural rubber floor pads will give you the non slip qualities that you’ll likely want with a medium-sized rug, if you want more padding, we’d recommend a natural rubber and felt pad like the Contour Lock.

If you don’t want much cushion with your rug, both the Super Lock Natural and Nature’s Grip will keep your rug in place, protect your rug and floor, and will never stick to or damage your floors.

When to Use a Natural Rubber Pad for Large and Extra Large Area Rugs (8x10 Rugs and Larger)

The only time we’d really recommend using a non slip rug pad on larger rugs would be if you have very light and thin rugs such as flatweaves. However, with the larger rug, you may benefit from additional padding to make the rug feel extra plush and luxurious, meaning we’d recommend a natural rubber and felt rug pad like the Superior Lock. If you’d prefer to keep costs down and don’t want extra padding, then the Super Lock Natural rug pad would still work well with large rugs.

In most situations with larger and heavier rugs like an area rug, you may not need a non slip pad. This is especially true if you’ll have heavy furniture anchoring the rug. In this case, we wouldn’t recommend our natural rubber pads and would instead suggest a thick rug pad like our felt rug pads or memory foam rug pads. You can see more of these options in our rug cushion collection.

What Is Natural Rubber?

Natural rubber is the type of durable and grippy material you’d find on car tires or super grippy shoes. It comes from real rubber trees and can be sustainably harvested. The material is naturally grippy without the use of any harmful chemicals that might smell bad or damage your floors.

Is Natural Rubber Safe to Breath and Free of VOCs?

Our natural rubber has low VOCs and is green label certified which means it has been tested and certified for low emissions so it’s completely safe to breath and shouldn’t have any bad odors.

The Best Natural Rubber Rug Pad for Hard Floors

One of the best parts about natural rubber rug pads is that they are completely safe with almost every hard floor and won’t stain, stick to, or otherwise damage your hard floors. These are our recommendations to help you find the best natural rubber rug pad for hard floors by specific floor type.

The Best Natural Rubber Rug Pad for Hardwood Floors

If you’re looking for a natural rubber rug pad for hardwood floors, you’ve come to the right place.

Both of our natural rubber rug mats will be safe with regular and engineered hardwood floors. We know your hardwood flooring is important to you, so we’ve ensured to use the best quality natural rubber that’s 100% safe for hardwood as long as you follow proper curing times.


The Best Natural Rug Mat for Tile Floors

For flat tile floors, either of our natural rubber rug pads would be good choices especially if you need a non slip pad. With slippery tile, it can be especially important to have good slip resistance for your rugs so our Super Lock Natural would be an excellent option.

If your tiles have deeper grooves or are uneven, you may want to consider a more padded rug pad to help keep your rug from wearing down unevenly. In this case, we’d recommend a felt and rubber rug mat because you’ll get a thicker level of protection.


The Best Natural Rubber Rug Pad for Laminate Floors

With laminate flooring, we recommend double checking with your flooring manufacturer to make sure they recommend using natural rubber. If they do recommend natural rubber, then our Super Lock Natural rug pads are a good option as it will be safe with laminate floor and offers a thin layer or protection and airflow between the floor and rug.


Looking for more direction on the right rug pad for other flooring types? Check out our floor-specific collections for hardwood floorlaminate floorcarpettile, vinyl, or other floor types.