Anchor Grip

Solid design provides firm grip, increased floor protection, and a surprisingly plush feel

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Eco Plush 3/8"

Dense felt pad with generous cushioning for use with larger rugs that don’t require a non-slip pad

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Cloud Comfort 7/16"

Dreamy cushioning that comes from 100% visco elastic memory foam, the same found in quality mattresses

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Rug Pads for Vinyl and Vinyl Plank Floors

Want to Avoid Damaging Your Vinyl or Vinyl Plank Flooring? Read This

Vinyl is always classic — whether you’re dropping the needle on the Beatles’ White Album or updating the flooring in your home. Unfortunately, if you choose the wrong rug pad, your nice vinyl floor could end up more damaged than Janis Joplin.

Because vinyl and vinyl plank flooring can react badly with rubber and cheap polyvinyl chloride blends, it’s crucial to choose a rug pad that isn’t made with those materials.

Not to sound like a broken record 😉 but we always recommend following your floor manufacturer's instructions. Most manufacturers recommend no rubber — so here are our non-rubber alternatives.

Felt, soybean oil-based polymer blends, and visco-elastic memory foam are our top picks for vinyl-floor-safe rug pads. Whether you need a sturdy grip or out-of-this-world cushion, we have the pad for you.

Why do you need special rug pads for vinyl & vinyl plank floors?

In a word: chemistry!

Lots of homeowners choose to install luxury vinyl plank floors as an alternative to hardwood floors. Vinyl is extremely durable and also waterproof — making it a great choice, especially in high-humidity climates, where hardwood might bulge or swell.

The downside is that many luxury plank floors are made with chemical plasticizers and polymers. These components can undergo an ugly reaction when covered with certain types of floor coverings (like rugs, rug pads, and floor mats).

That’s when you’ll start to see your rug pad dissolving, disintegrating, or sticking to your once-beautiful floor! 😱

 why use a vinyl rug pad

Friends don't let friends buy poor-quality rug pads.

Our advice: Avoid imported plastic pads

Most imported plastic pads are coated with adhesives to enhance grip. While that might be effective in the short term, in the long term, it can destroy your vinyl floors.

To make things worse, these pads often contain a combination of toxic chemicals which can "off-gas,” staining your floor permanently and filling your home with harmful vapors. Have you ever needed to open a window to “air out” a new purchase? That’s off-gassing.

The vast majority of rug pads on the market come from overseas manufacturers that aren’t subject to the same stringent quality controls as U.S. manufacturers. These pads usually contain chemicals, oils, or adhesives that can negatively react with the chemicals in your floor finishes.

For example, let’s look at phthalates: a common ingredient in many plastic rug pads.

Phthalates are a class of chemicals used to make plastics tougher and harder to break. However, they are also extremely toxic to both humans and animals, AND can be used as dissolving agents. We’re guessing you probably don’t want something that’s listed as a “dissolving agent” lying directly on your vinyl floors! We definitely don’t. 🙅‍♀️

So, What IS the Best Rug Pad For Vinyl Plank Flooring?

It depends on your needs!

We have two main categories for you: non slip rug pads for luxury vinyl floors and cushioned rug pads for vinyl plank floors.

You want the non slip feature if you have a small or medium rug or runner (think 6 x 9 or smaller) or if you have a lightweight flatweave rug (of any size).

You want a cushioned pad for any larger area rug that has heavy furniture to anchor it so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy plush, luxurious comfort from your rug. 😌

The Best Non Slip Rug Pad For Vinyl Floor Without Rubber

We’ll cut right to the chase: you want the Anchor Grip rug pad for vinyl flooring.

Anchor Grip is a low-profile, American-made PVC (AKA vinyl) rug pad specifically for folks with vinyl and vinyl plank floors.

Instead of natural rubber, Anchor Grip uses soybean oil-based polymer blends. That means it’s non slip and durable without the harmful plasticizers or unsustainable petrol oil polymers. They won't harm vinyl floors, hardwood floors, and urethane finishes. We guarantee it!

I’ll have a non slip vinyl rug pad, hold the toxins, please.

(P.S. if you want a different type of non slip pad like a natural rubber rug pad, we’ve got you covered there too — check out our non slip collection.)

rug pads safe for vinyl plank floors

non staining rug pad for vinyl floors

rug pad for vinyl plank flooring

rug pads safe for vinyl floors

Safe for Vinyl Floors

Recommended by more flooring manufacturers and rug care professionals - Vinyl Floor Disclaimer

Better Grip

Use of soybean oils & bio based fillers lends a better grip while protecting floors -- sustainably

Low VOC’s

Made with real soybean oil, natural soybean won't off-gas or leach chemicals, which can damage Vinyl and polyurethane finishes

Longer Lasting

Our Vinyl collection doesn’t contain harmful plasticizers, such as phthalates, that can react with certain floor finishes.



Perfect for our vinyl plank flooring

Cut perfectly to our measurements, secure grip to hold the rug steady on our vinyl plank flooring.

—  Ann M.

The Best Area Rug Pad For Vinyl Flooring

Want comfort and cushion for your large area rug? You need our Eco Plush 100% felt rug pad.

The Eco Plush is a dense felt pad from 100% recycled felt. Eco friendly, sustainable, toxin free, and seriously comfortable!

This pad comes in three different thicknesses: 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2".

For the extra luxurious folks, you need our upgrade pad: the memory foam Cloud Comfort.

This pad comes in two thicknesses (1/4" and 7/16”) and uses premium visco elastic memory foam to give you that squishy, pressure relieving, mattress-like feel.

Both these pads can offer deluxe padding for larger rugs that don’t need non slip grip and are safe for all floor types including luxury vinyl, wood floor, laminate flooring, and linoleum.