Super Lock Natural Rug Pads for Laminate Floors
Super Lock Natural
Super Lock Natural Rug Pads for Hardwood Floors
Natural Rubber Rug Pad

Super Lock Natural

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Product Description

The solution for rugs bent on slipping and sliding in high-traffic areas, Super Lock Natural is our best-gripping rug pad yet – and better grip also means better floor protection. Its waffle design facilitates airflow between rug and flooring and lends a comfortable level of cushioning. Yet it’s thin enough to hold rugs fast and keep them lying flat.

Made in the USA with over a pound of natural rubber per square yard, this pad is denser and heavier than comparable latex and PVC pads and has been carefully designed to overcome problems associated with low-quality padding such as floor scratching, stripping and staining.

Maximum roll width is 12 feet. All pads wider than 12 feet will be cut-to-order in equal pieces.

Key Features

ORIGIN: Made in the USA

MATERIAL: 100% untreated natural rubber

BEST FOR: Stubbornly mobile small rugs and runners in high-traffic areas; hot and humid climates

ATTRIBUTES: Pure Grip; Eco-Friendly; safe for all hardwood flooring and finishes, laminates, tile, marble, stone, and concrete; optimum grip and floor protection; won’t stain, strip, or stick to floors; mold and mildew resistant; no added glues, plastics, or adhesives; easy to clean: sponge wash/hand dry

WARRANTY: 20 Years

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which floor types is Super Lock Natural safe for?

    Super Lock Natural is made with 100% natural rubber, which is safe to use on all types of floors and finishes as long as you follow flooring manufacturer's instructions and proper curing times are met. With unique floor finishes such as vinyl, lacquered, acrylic, waxed, and linoleum floors, check with your flooring manufacturer to determine whether a natural rubber pad should be used. Some flooring manufacturers will recommend a rubber rug pad while others may recommend using a vinyl rug pad.

  • Which rug types work well with Super Lock Natural?

    Super Lock Natural is a low profile, high gripping rug pad. It pairs well with all rug types and sizes. It works especially well with stubborn runners and smaller rugs that tend to bunch and slide in high traffic areas.

  • What is the difference between Natural Rubber and PVC?

    Aside from it’s eco-friendly benefits, natural rubber will out-perform and out-grip traditional PVC pads. PVC pads will stick to floors while natural rubber will grip floors.

  • How do I decide between a cushioned rug pad and non-slip rug pad?

    Super Lock Natural is a non-slip pad geared at keeping your rugs flush with your flooring. We recommend it for thicker rugs that do not need additional cushioning, or for runner and area rugs that are prone to sliding out of place. Cushioned pads offer more comfort underfoot but may cause bulking in higher traffic areas.

  • What happens if this rug pad gets wet? Can it be washed?

    Super Lock Natural can get wet without issue. We often recommend you hand wash them from time to time, but do not use them in a washing or drying machine.

  • Does this rug pad contain any noticeable odors?

    No. Unlike PVC, our natural rubber pads shouldn’t come with any significant out of the box odors.

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