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Super Lock Natural

Classic non-slip rug pad made with over 1lb of natural rubber per sq yard

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Nature's Grip

Our most eco friendly non slip rug pad - made with 100% natural rubber and plant jute

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Anchor Grip

Solid design provides firm grip, increased floor protection, and a surprisingly plush feel

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Our strongest gripping non slip rug pad - made with natural rubber and felt

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Contour Lock

Best overall value for subtle cushioning and reliable gripping power

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Superior Lock 1/4"

Cushioned felt combined with a reinforced natural rubber backing

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Eco Plush 3/8"

Dense felt pad with generous cushioning for use with larger rugs that don’t require a non-slip pad

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Cloud Comfort 7/16"

Dreamy cushioning that comes from 100% visco elastic memory foam, the same found in quality mattresses

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Add cushion and prevent spills from reaching your floors with this 100% water resistant pad

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Super Lock Outdoor

The perfect non-slip pad for patios, decks, verandas, porches, and basements.

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Custom Cut Rug Pads

Getting Custom Rug Pads Cut to Size

Save yourself from the hassle of trying to cut your own rug pad. We offer stress-free, custom cut services on all of our custom rug pads - free of charge! All you need to do is enter your rug's dimensions before adding your product to the cart.

Why Order a Custom Rug Pad

For one – we offer this service completely free of charge with all our rug pads. Enter your rug size into our sizing chart and we'll do the rest. You'll have a good rug pad that fits perfectly under your area rug, hallway runner, or any other size rug you may have without the hassle of cutting it yourself.

Save Time

With a custom cut rug pad, you don't need to take the time to properly cut your quality rug pad after you get it. No more wrestling with household scissors to try to get a straight cut only to finish and discover you've cut it too small or too big. This can be especially important for rug pads with extra thickness like a cushioned rug pad.

Less Waste

Getting a quality rug pad can be a sizable investment. We don't want to make you pay for any extra padding you won't end up using. With a custom cut, you don't have to.

Plus, we dig the fact that it means less waste going to the landfill.

Custom Cut Odd Sized Rug Pads

We love a good challenge if you have an oddly shaped rug. Just enter the exact dimensions as close as possible, and we will do our best to get you a custom rug pad that fits perfectly.

That being said, sometimes an especially unique shape will even be out of our capabilities. If that's the case, enter your rug size as close as possible, then you can trim it down to the exact size to match your rug. If you know you'll need to do some extra trimming, the Anchor Grip and Super Lock Natural pads are the easiest to cut.

Choosing the Right Rug Pad

Whether you're getting a large area rug pad or a pad to match a strangely-sized sheepskin rug, we want to make sure you find the pad that's best for you. Most importantly, that means choosing a pad that meets your specific needs.

Now that you know we can cut any of our custom rug pads down to size, we'd recommend narrowing your search down by function or floor type.

Finding the Proper Rug Pad By Function

There are a few main functions for rug pads that tend to resonate with our customers.

Non Slip Rug Pads - With smaller rugs or odd shapes, a big concern is rug movement. It can be beyond annoying and downright dangerous to have rugs slipping or bunching up. To fix this, you'll likely want a non slip pad with a natural rubber backing. Our natural rubber will grip your hard floors without damaging them.

You can also opt for a rug with synthetic backing, but be aware that some cheap rug pads can damage floors. If natural rubber isn't for you, we'd recommend our Anchor Grip rug pad which uses a soybean oil-based polymer blend.

Cushion - Especially with an area rug or on hard surface floors, extra cushioning can make a huge difference. We have many cushioned rug pad options of different materials from memory foam to felt.

Waterproofing - Putting a moisture barrier between your rug and flooring is especially important for people with pets. With one of our water-resistant rug pads, can act as a moisture deterrent to keep liquids like pet urine from damaging your wood floors. If you aren't sure whether a waterproof rug pad is right for you, check out our blog post about them.

Outdoor Rug Pads - If you're looking for a proper pad for your outdoor rugs, our Super Lock Outdoor rug pad is the best option for you. This rug pad uses a polyvinyl compound in a waffle style design to facilitate airflow between the rug and flooring. The synthetic fiber and airflow help to prevent mold and mildew.

Finding the Right Rug Pad by Floor Type

Whether you have a hardwood floor, laminate flooring, vinyl flooring, or carpeting we want to make sure our rug pads keep your floors safe. Check out some of our collection pages for different flooring types:

Customer Questions & Answers

  • Are you able to make half-round rug pads? I see round is listed under shape, so I'm wondering if it could just be cut in half.

    Just select your shape and plug in the right dimensions. Then in the 'special instructions' box inform us that your rug is a half circle and we will cut the perfect fitting pad.

  • How much smaller than my rug will you cut the Superior Lock pad I am ordering?

    We will take between 1" and 1.5" off all sides depending on the thickness of the pad you select. Our custom cutting and trimming service will ensure that the pad is a perfect fit for your rug.

  • I have bought a pretty thick indoor/outdoor rug for my den. I am considering the Super Lock Natural and am wondering if I should order a pad that is one inch or two inches smaller than the rug.

    There's no need for you to worry about anything like that because we will figure it all out. Just enter your rug's exact dimensions on the site when you place your order. With our free custom cutting and trimming service we will take between 1" and 1.5" inches off all sides of your chosen pad so it will be a perfect fit for your rug.

  • Will I easily be able to cut the Contour Lock rug pad down to size?

    Yes, the Contour Lock 1/8" pad is very easy to cut at home.

  • We would like the Nature's Grip pad for a 15'1" x 6'1" rug but need it in one piece only. Is this possible?

    For that size rug, the Nature's Grip pad will come in one piece. When you plug in your rug's dimensions on our site it will tell you if we need to send two equal pieces.

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