How to Get Bumps Out of Area Rugs (Without Ruining Floors)

Bumpy area rug in living room

Area rugs are a great addition to any living space or home office. They add a touch of comfort, style, and elegance to an area making it feel more homely and inviting. However, many homeowners often find themselves having to deal with wrinkles, bumps, and folds in their area rugs. Fortunately, there are a number of simple solutions you can use to convince a troublesome rug to lay flat on the floor.

Here are some of the easiest ways to get bumps out of area rugs.

Commonly used techniques to get bumps out of an area rug

A quick search of Google and you’re sure to find a whole range of DIY fixes for bumpy rugs. We just want to go on the record here: we don’t recommend any of these different techniques as they can be a little dangerous.

A blow dryer can harm wooden floors if held in position too long (or worse create a fire danger). Residual dampness from a dryer can also lead to mold forming on the underside of a rug, and carpet tape or rug tape can damage hardwood floor material.

Here are the main bumpy rug DIY techniques you’re likely to find:

  • Get rid of most wrinkles and bumps by flipping the rug over and shaking it out.
  • If the bump is minor, use a hairdryer held at a distance of around 6-inches to dry out the rug and flatten out the bump.
  • If the bump is major, or if the bump is caused by carpet stretching, use a hard brush to gently realign and reposition the rug's fibers.
  • You can also toss your rug into the dryer with a damp towel, set it to the hottest setting, and forget about it for about fifteen minutes.
  • Turn on the steam setting on your steam iron and place it over the wrinkle or bump, moving it in a motion that goes with the pattern of the rug’s fibers.
  • Hang the rug out on a clothesline, grab yourself a spray bottle full of water, spray the problem areas, and allow them to air dry.
  • Use carpet tape or rug tape to stick and hold the rug into place.
  • Grab yourself a power stretcher or carpet installer, clamp one end of the rug under a heavy object or place it over an area of exposed tack strip, and stretch the problem area out.
  • Flatten out the rug and make use of any heavy furniture you may have handy. Use the furniture on the troublesome areas and over time the rug should begin to flatten out and return to its original shape.

Instead of using one of the above strategies, the best way we've found to remove bumps from rugs is by using a high-quality rug pad.

Why rug pads are the best solution for removing bumps from an area rug

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A rug pad has many benefits beyond protecting your floors and preventing trips and slips. Rug pads also prolong the lifespan of a rug by stopping it from fraying, bunching, and becoming bumpy. If a rug remains in its original position, the rug won’t experience any stretching, curling, buckling, or anything of that nature.

Aside from these advantages, rug pads also have many other benefits as they:

  • Repel dirt and moisture. They keep your carpets clean for longer.
  • Are easy to clean. They can be washed in the washing machine and dry quickly.
  • Reduce and absorb sound. Rug pads help to take the noise out of footsteps, particularly useful for multi-story homes.
  • Provide added cushioning and comfort. Particularly if you're wearing no shoes like in a carpeted area.
  • Stop furniture dents. Rug pads make furniture dents a thing of the past by offering additional padding for your floors.
  • Reduces the chance of a carpet dent occurring. Carpet dents are common when a carpet rug is sandwiched between a hard floor surface and a heavy piece of furniture. Rug pads work to reduce this by adding a layer of further cushioning between the two surfaces.

What to know before you buy

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Before you choose a rug pad, it’s important to understand why you should avoid cheaper options. Cheap rug pads are often made from imported materials packed with toxic substances and corrosive chemicals that act as dissolving agents, meaning they will eventually eat at your flooring and sometimes even cause costly damages. Hardwood floor materials are particularly susceptible to these kinds of harsh chemicals and, if damaged, are often the most expensive to repair or replace.

To avoid this, always choose a rug pad that is made from high-quality material. The best kinds of materials to choose when looking for a rug pad are jute, natural rubber, and wool felt. Not only do these materials last far longer than cheaper alternatives, but they also help both your floor and your area rug look fantastic. This is thanks to how they prevent them from clumping and becoming bumpy.

The best rug pads to prevent bumpy area rugs

When evaluating rug pads for your rolled rugs, look for neutral-colored options made of natural materials with a high degree of grip and non-slip to help flatten out your area rug and prevent bumps from forming.

Here are the best rug pads for any sized area rug.


RugPro rug pad on hardwood floor

RugPro combines a thin layer of felt with a durable natural rubber backing for a high-performance grip. The grip of the rubber allows for a thinner overall rug pad, ideal for laminate or wood floor materials. RugPro is also textured on top to keep rugs from slipping, especially during heavy use.

Its double surface design features an exceptionally soft feel to grip your loop carpet in place while resisting dirt buildup on hard floors. Its machine-made top prevents buckling and bumps but also allows air to circulate freely below allowing for better indoor air quality.

Super-Lock Natural

Super Lock Natural rug pad on hardwood floor

The Super-Lock Natural is the most effective rug pad you will ever own. The unique waffle design allows airflow to reach your carpet's backing, eliminating the chance of mold and mildew buildup underneath.

Super-Lock Natural also provides optimal levels of cushioning for all sorts of floors, including hardwood flooring and laminates, tile, natural stone, and concrete. And with its long-lasting qualities, you’ll now be able to enjoy the safety benefits offered by this high-quality product for many years to come.

Nature's Grip

Nature's Grip Rug Pad on hardwood floor

From the first moment you feel Nature’s Grip under your feet, you’ll notice a difference. This rug pad has an amazingly comfortable feel while also producing plenty of grip and traction. And, because of its eco-friendly organic jute fiber material, it is especially good for those homes with children and pets who tend to spend more time on their floors than adults do.

No harmful chemicals or adhesives are used in the design of any of our rug pads, including Nature's Grip. Its hypoallergenic, latex-free material ensures your safety while its low profile makes it a great solution for any type of room. You can use Nature's Grip in any high-traffic area, especially with runners or throw rugs that are particularly prone to moving about and developing bumps.

Other things you want to know

Will a rug flatten on its own?

When a new rug arrives with a stubborn crease in it, it's likely that the manufacturer rolled it up for delivery purposes. The good news is that most rolled rugs will start to relax, settle in, and return to their original shape over time. If not, the use of something heavy to hold down problem areas works well or something like a high-quality rug pad will also work to keep the rug in a flattened position.

How do you smooth out a new area rug?

To flatten out a rug, try rolling it back in the opposite direction or face it downwards to help flatten it back out. If that doesn't do the trick, you can use heavy books, upturned furniture, and indoor plants to hold it into position and hope that the carpet fiber, rug fibers, or synthetic material go back to their original shape.

Shop all non-slip rug pads

Area rugs are an important part of any home. They help to keep your feet warm, provide a soft place to stand, and add an extra layer of stain protection in case you accidentally spill something on the floor. However, they can sometimes end up looking very disheveled. This is especially true if you have pets, children, or teenagers who are constantly running around and moving about. Thankfully, with a high-quality rug pad, bumpy area rugs will be a thing of the past.

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