Anchor Grip Rug Pads for Laminate Floors
Anchor Grip
Anchor Grip Rug Pads for Hardwood Floors
Anchor Grip

Anchor Grip

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Product Description

A fitting companion to high-maintenance high-end rugs, Anchor Grip is a low-profile rug pad with exceptional traction. Its solid (vs. open-weave) construction puts more padding in contact with your floors, thereby delivering maximum gripping power, floor protection and a comfortable level of cushioning.

Anchor Grip’s use of soybean oils & bio based fillers lends a better grip while protecting floors -- sustainably. Unlike many imported pads, Anchor Grip doesn’t contain harmful plasticizers, such as phthalates, that can react with certain floor finishes.

Key Features

ORIGIN: Made in the USA

MATERIAL: Soybean oil-based polymer blend

BEST FOR: High-end area rugs; smaller rugs and runners prone to slipping; hot and humid climates

ATTRIBUTES: Pure Grip; Waterproof; safe for all hardwood floors and finishes (including polyurethane), laminates, tile, marble, stone, concrete, and heated floors; manufactured with plant-based rather than petroleum-based oils; mold and mildew resistant

WARRANTY: 20 Years

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