Which Rug Pad is Safest for Children?

nontoxic carpet pad safe for kids

It only takes a quick google search to see some of the damage that VOC packed synthetic rug pads can do to floors and finishes – but what about to our health? According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, VOCs can have short and long term negative impacts on health. Synthetic rug pads that contain PVCs are one of the many household items that contain harmful VOCs. Over time, they release gases that harm indoor air quality and increase the likelihood of developing breathing difficulties. You are doing your best to protect your child… so why expose them to unnecessary toxins?

Children and air quality

According to a pediatric environmental health study by the Center for Disease Control, consistent anatomical development makes children much more susceptible to airborne toxins.

Children breathe more air than adults per pound of body weight – this makes access to unpolluted air increasingly important. Natural rug pads are made from eco-friendly, sustainable materials and won’t release harmful gases. As an added bonus, they increase air circulation underneath your rugs and prevent development of mold and other dangerous bacteria.

The types of rug pads are particularly well suited for young children are made with a combination of natural rubber and 100% recycled felt and provide non-slip protection and extra cushion.

Our top picks

Superior Lock safe rugpad for children

Superior-Lock and Contour-Lock and provide area rugs with extra cushioning for more comfortable play on the floor. Their felt surface layer provides cushion while their natural rubber backings grip floors firmly, to keep even those most stubborn rugs in place, even with little ones running around! They also add layer of soundproofing, great for dropped toys and louder, more energetic games.

Contour Lock safe carpet pad for kids

Superior-Lock's and Contour-Lock’s dense felt surface layer provides floor protection – a dropped toy can pierce and scratch sensitive floor surfaces like hardwood and vinyl. A thicker rug pad minimizes impact of falling objects and protects the floor beneath from dents and abrasions.

Most importantly, natural rubber and recycled felt are non-toxic, sustainable materials that are safe to use with all floors. They contain low VOCs and will not release harmful toxins into the air that can harm your child.

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