The Best Rug Pads for Moroccan Rugs (To Make Them Last)

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Moroccan rugs are known for their impressive presence in resorts, restaurants, and hotels. Also referred to as Kilim or Hanbel rugs, their intricate patterning, high piles, and unique tasseled edges can elevate your living room, bedroom, or kitchen. 

These one-of-a-kind carpets offer the highest degree of luxury and culture. The origin of the Moroccan rug dates back to 622 AD in Morocco, where they were treasured and used in palaces and sacred locations. Each color and pattern holds the story of the tribal artisans that wove them long ago.

Today, Moroccan rugs are a highly sought-after design piece. Primarily made of wool, these carpets are extremely plush and offer great cushioning underfoot. There are so many places in your home that will be elevated by the placement of a unique Moroccan rug.

  • Place A Small Moroccan Carpet At The Foot Of Your Bed. 
  • Use A Moroccan-Style Runner In Front Of Your Kitchen Sink Or Your Front Entryway. 
  • Choose A Colorful Moroccan Rug To Accent Your Living Room. 
  • Lay A Large, Flatweave Moroccan Carpet In The Dining Room

Because they are considered flatweave rugs, you’ll need a high-quality rug pad to prevent slipping and bunching. 

It’s important to find the best rug pad for flatweave rugs because, without one, you’ll subject your Morrocan rug to unnecessary wear and tear that will greatly shorten the life of your design piece. 

Take a look at why your Morrocan rug needs an area rug pad and which ones will do the best job at protecting your floors and your carpet.

Why you need a rug pad for Moroccan rugs

Moroccan rugs are not a one size fits all area rug. Because of their deep-rooted history in tribal tradition, you’ll find a variety in the characteristics of Moroccan rugs. 

  • Thickness: Moroccan rugs come in a variety of thicknesses that reflect the distinct climates of tribal locations. Thicker carpets were utilized in chilly conditions, while natives used thinner, lighter Moroccan rugs to help cope with the Sahara Desert’s scorching climate. 
  • Colors And Patterns: Moroccan-style area rugs are so unique that no two rugs are alike. Because they are handwoven by experts who incorporate culturally significant symbolism, each one has a special meaning behind it. 
  • Size: Because the Moroccan people were traditionally nomadic, the dimensions of the rugs were determined by what was easiest to transport. Today, you can have them customized to accommodate any sized space. 

Because they are so versatile and unique, you will want to take every step to ensure your Moroccan rug lasts for decades to come. This means investing in a high-quality area rug pad to keep your area rug in place and protect your flooring. 

Since Moroccan rugs are handwoven on a loom with no backing, the texture can be slippery on hard floorings, such as:

Additionally, thinner, low pile rugs lack the cushioning you desire for your living room or bedroom. This means a high-quality rug pad can not only anchor your Moroccan carpet in place but add additional comfort to make it the perfect rug for your space. 

What to know before you buy

rugs hanging in market

Before you purchase your new area rug pad, it’s essential to know that materials matter.

Cheap rug pads are made from synthetic materials that break down over time, releasing toxic chemicals into the air and ruining your expensive flooring in the process. 

Look for all-natural materials that won’t wear out and cause more problems.

Natural Rubber


100% Wool

Soybean Oil-Based Memory Foam

You’ve invested a lot of time, effort, and money in selecting the perfect Moroccan rug for your room. Ensure the area rug pad you choose to cushion and protect your carpet is built to last and protect your area rug from excessive wear and tear. 

These are the best rug pads for Moroccan rugs

Whether placing a Moroccan rug in your bedroom or layering it over the carpeting in your living room, you need a high-quality rug pad to keep your rug from wrinkling. 

Much like finding the right rug pad for Oriental and Persian rugs, you need one designed to perform and protect your Moroccan area rug.

Here are RugPadUSA’s top picks for high-performing rug pads to rest beneath your gorgeous Moroccan rug.

Nature’s Grip

Nature's Grip rug pad on hardwood floor

Your Moroccan rug is made from natural fibers. So Nature’s Grip is only fitting because it is the eco-friendly alternative to other non-slip rug pads. 

Made from natural plant jute and natural rubber, this rug pad will grip your floors and rug rather than stick to it.

Nature’s Grip is the perfect choice for any flooring type. It works well in high-traffic areas where a low profile is needed for door clearance. It pairs well with thinner weave runner rugs that require more grip than cushioning in busy hallways.


RugPro rug pad

RugPro offers the benefits of a rubber rug pad with the gentle grip of 100% wool felt. The solid rubber backing keeps your area rug anchored firmly in place to prevent bunching and shift. Made from all-natural materials, the rubber rug pad won’t flake or degrade like latex rug pads.

The coarse upper layer is made from felt and was designed to hug the bottom of your rug to prevent shifting and buckling gently.

RugPro has a low profile and solid design to ensure dirt doesn’t reach your flooring. The needle-punched felt aids in vacuuming while allowing both your floors and area rug to breathe.


Contour Lock rug pad

If both cushioning and anti-slip grip are what you seek, then Contour-Lock is the perfect fit. Made from felt and rubber, it offers a firm grip with a medium level of cushioning that is more luxurious than bulky. 

Its solid design is engineers to protect your flooring from scratches and dirt build-up. It’s very well suited to flat-woven rugs like your Moroccan area rug.

100% recycled felt gently grips the back of your rug without causing excessive wear and tear. The felt is fused to a natural rubber-blend backing, perfect for high-traffic areas because it will not flake or break down.

A bonus: Contour-Lock is safe for all flooring types and is moisture and mildew resistant, so it works well in humid climates and rooms. 

Superior-Lock ¼

Superior Lock rug pad

The last word in cushioning and grip, Superior-Lock ¼ combines plush, cozy cushioning with unmatched high-performing natural rubber backing. 

This area rug pad keeps your Moroccan rug firmly in place while providing a thick layer of cushioned support that will preserve your rug’s appearance and extend its lifespan. 

Needle-punched felt promotes a smooth surface and prevents creeping, curling corners. A dense felt center offers additional comfort and cushioning. Finally, a grooved 100% natural rubber backing grips the floor and prevents shifting. This dual surface rug pad does it all! 

Superior-Lock ¼ offers the added benefit of soundproofing floors for those with heavy footsteps and downstairs neighbors. It's safe for all floors and rug types and carries a 15-year warranty when appropriately used. 

Other things you want to know

Your Moroccan rug is the pride and joy of your home decor. It represents a deep historical meaning and cultural significance that just cannot be replicated. 

Here are some more things to know about your Moroccan rug and the rug pads that work best to preserve its beauty. 

How can you tell if a Moroccan rug is authentic?

The secret to a Moroccan rug’s authenticity is in the burn marks. Take a sample from the rug’s strings and use a match or lighter to burn in it a non-flammable container.

A rug made from synthetic materials, like polypropylene, will catch fire easily. If made from authentic wool, it will not ignite.

Should the rug pad measurements match my new rug’s size?

No. If your rug pad’s measurements are identical to your area rug. Not only will the rug pad show, but it will prevent the carpet from draping nicely around the edges.

When ordering a rug pad, it should measure one inch less around the perimeter than your area rug. This will improve the carpet pad’s performance and create a lovely drape for your rug.

How do I keep my Moroccan rug clean?

Vacuuming often using a hand attachment is a great way to prevent debris build-up between your Moroccan rug and rug pad.

To preserve your rug’s beauty, deep clean it yearly. Here are the steps you need to take to wash your Moroccan rug.

  1. Take It Outside And Shake Out Excess Dirt.
  2. Vacuum Using A Hand Attachment On The Highest Suction Setting.
  3. If Washing, Power Wash Your Rug As It Hangs
  4. Spray From Top To Bottom On Both Sides
  5. Use A Soft Brush For Stain Removal
  6. Squeeze Out Extra Water And Allow It To Line Dry Outside Completely

If unsure, always consult your rug’s manufacturer for best care suggestions.

Which rug pads offer the best soundproofing underneath my Moroccan rug?

If you are looking for your rug pad to help soften your footsteps, choose Superior-Lock ¼.

It contains a rich, dense felt core that cushions your step and muffles sound to keep you from disturbing your downstairs neighbors. Superior-Lock ¼ also helps to reduce ambient noise to improve your room acoustics. 

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