The Best Rug Pads for Moderate Pile Rugs

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As you shop for a new rug, there are many things to consider. You’re looking for the right color to complement your decor and the best rug size to soften your hard floors.

Another essential factor is the pile height of your new area rug. Pile height refers to the height of the fiber loops that make up the rug.

Rug piles come in three lengths: high, medium, and low.

High pile rugs, sometimes called a shag rug, work well for low traffic rooms, like a bedroom, where they won’t be exposed to lots of dirt and debris. Low pile rugs, like a flat weave or Kilim rug, are popular for high traffic areas, like an entryway or dining room, where they maintain a low profile while protecting your floors.

If you’re looking for the luxurious cushioning of a high pile rug with the easy, low-profile upkeep of a low pile one, mid or moderate pile areas rugs are the way to go.

But even moderate pile area rugs are prone to dangerous shifting, which leads to bunching and tripping hazards if the carpet is not anchored properly to your hard surfaces. 

In order to prevent bunching and shifting, you’ll need to invest in a high-quality rug pad. A rug pad not only holds your area rug in place, but it offers enhanced cushioning and protects your hard floors from staining

Take a look at why you need a high quality rug pad and which ones pair best with a mid-pile area rug.

Why you need a non-slip rug pad for moderate pile rugs

Moderate pile rugs are very versatile when it comes to styling and functionality. One of the most popular area rug choices, mid pile rugs offer just enough height for a nice cushioning underfoot while offering the durability to withstand frequent vacuuming without risking excessive wear.

Because they are so easy to find, you can use mid-pile rugs to add style and warmth to any room in your home.

  • Anchor Your Living Room With A Rectangular Mid-Pile Large Area Rug
  • Use Moderate Pile Small Rugs In Your Favorite Accent Color To Enhance A Mudroom Or Entryway 
  • Create A Layered Look By Placing A Patterned Medium Pile Rug Over Your Wall To Wall Carpeting 
  • Choose Two Plush Moderate Pile Runners To Flank Your Bed

Most moderate pile rugs come with a standard backing made from synthetic jute or polypropylene, which does not offer non-slip protection and can cause permanent damage to hardwood floors, as well as laminate and tile flooring.

You need a high-quality area rug pad made from natural fibers, has a strong grip and is designed to protect your floors, as well as your new rug. Without the right rug pad, your area rug will shift, adding additional wear and tear to your carpet and flooring. 

However, not just any rug pad will do for a moderate pile rug. The types of rug pads that work best for your flatweave rug will not offer the same benefits for a medium pile area rug. A thin carpet requires thicker pads that won’t work well with a mid-pile rug. 

This means you need to consider the needs of your area rug. Are you looking for enhanced cushioning, gorilla-grip non-slipping, or a marriage of both?

Let’s look at what you need to know before purchasing an area rug pad for your moderate pile rug.

What to know before you buy

It may seem easy to purchase an inexpensive carpet pad from Amazon and call it a day.

But these products are known to contain synthetic materials that not only release harmful chemicals into your home’s atmosphere but break down over time and leave residue and stains on your home’s flooring.

Knowing how to choose the best rug pad for your area rug is essential. Here is what you need to look for in a high-quality area rug pad. 

  • Natural Rubber: An eco-friendly natural rubber pad won’t disintegrate over time and react with your hard floors. It also offers a strong grip that prevents tripping hazards. 
  • Natural Fibers: 100% wool felt rug pads gently grip your rug and prevent wrinkling without damaging your area rug’s backing. 
  • Authentic Memory Foam: Never settle for less. Cheap foam compresses permanently over time and may react with the backing of your moderate pile area rug. 

Always opt for natural rubber and wool felt when choosing an area rug pad. These eco-friendly materials will protect your floors, extend the life of your area rug, and last for years to come. 

These are the best rug pads for moderate pile rugs

There are many types of rug pads on the market. Knowing when you need a thick rug pad and when thicker pads may not work well with your moderate pile area rug can be confusing.

For high traffic areas with slippery surfaces, look for a rubber rug pad topped with needle-punched felt to prevent tripping and slipping hazards. If cushioning is what you seek and you aren’t worried about slippage, look for thicker pads made from authentic memory foam.

Here are the best rug pads for any size moderate pile rug.

Cloud Comfort Memory Foam

Cloud Comfort rug pad on hardwood floor

If you are looking for luxurious cushioning underfoot, Cloud Comfort Memory Foam 7/16" is your best option. Made from 100% viscoelastic memory foam, it brings the comfort of your mattress to the soles of your feet in any living space.

Cloud Comfort Memory Foam is designed to offer a supporting layer of protection beneath more oversized area rugs that may not need the heavy-duty non-slip grip of a natural rubber pad. 

This carpet pad is made from natural minerals and soybean oils and contains a moisture barrier that protects floors from spills while allowing moisture to escape. This prevents mold and smelly mildew from building between the rug pad and the carpet. 

Cloud Comfort Memory Foam also offers the highest level of sound absorption, which makes it an excellent choice for apartment dwellers.

Eco-Plush 3/18

Eco Plush rug pad

Eco-Plush 3/18 is the perfect carpet pad for people looking for a natural, eco-friendly cushioning beneath their moderate pile area rug. It’s best for large area rugs that do not need a solid grip to keep them in place. 

Made from 100% natural heat-pressed felt, this rug pad is non-toxic and odor-free. Eco-Plush is safe for all types of flooring and offers excellent acoustic benefits. This material gently hugs the backing to your mid pile rug, preventing it from wrinkling or bunching.

This area rug pad is resistant to mildew, mold, moisture, and odor-causing bacteria, making it the perfect choice for high humidity climates.

Superior-Lock ¼

Superior Lock rug pad detail

Superior-Lock offers the best of both worlds: plush cushioning and a firm grip for your area rug. This felt and rubber rug pad anchors your moderate pile area rug firmly in place while offering a comforting layer of cushioned support. 

This area rug pad is made from all-natural, eco-friendly materials. The recycled felt topping is needle-punched, meaning it allows your rug to breathe as if it grips the backing to prevent bunching, creeping and curling.

The felt is heat pressed to a natural rubber backing that offers a non-skid surface that will never flake or deteriorate like cheap, synthetic carpet pads. This makes Superior-Lock the best choice for flooring finishes that are prone to staining. 

Other things you want to know

Choosing the right rug pad is an important decision. Here are some things you need to know when selecting a high-quality rug pad for your new moderate pile area rug.

How do I clean a moderate pile rug?

You should vacuum area rugs with a medium pile weekly. Once or twice a year, you will want to give it a good cleaning to help extend the lifespan of your area rug.

  1. Set Your Vacuum: Choose the second from the highest setting when vacuuming. 
  2. Vacuum Thoroughly: Run your vacuum in both directions to help suck up all of the debris and help your rug’s pile come back to life. 
  3. Flip Your Rug: Turn your rug over and vacuum the back to remove any debris stuck between the carpet pad and rug backing. 
  4. Take It Outside: Bring your rug outside and give it a good shake before setting it back into place. 

Use this opportunity to vacuum your area rug pad as well. To remove stains, follow the manufacturers’ recommendations.

Should my rug pad measurements match the size of my area rug?

No. If your rug pad is the same size as your area rug, it will show around the perimeter. It could also create a lip that will pose a tripping hazard.

An area rug pad should be about one inch smaller all around than your area rug. This will help the rug drape properly and prevent bunching.

Can cheap rug pads ruin expensive hardwood floors?

Yes. Cheap rug pads ruin your expensive flooring, like hardwood floors and laminate, because they are made from synthetic materials. They are often sprayed with a chemical-laden adhesive coating that sticks to the floor, creating an impossible-to-remove residue.

Because the synthetic materials break down over time, your hard floors will become permanently stained and require expensive repairs.

Opt for the rug pads made for hardwood floors.

What is the best way to install my new rug pad?

Installing your new rug pad from RugPadUSA takes just six simple steps. 

  1. Choose The Best Location For Your Area Rug And Carpet Pad
  2. Clean The Floor Well
  3. Remove The Rug Pad From The Packaging
  4. Unroll the Rug Pad
  5. Until The Rug On Top Of The Pad
  6. Adjust Smooth Any Bunching Or Wrinkling

Once installed, walk across your area rug to check for tripping hazards.

Does my area rug really need a rug pad?

Yes! There are several reasons why your area rug needs a rug pad.

Floor And Rug Protection Offer Non-Slip GripAdditional Cushioning Facilitate Airflow Soundproofing Benefits

Always choose a high-quality rug pad made from eco-friendly materials for maximum benefits.

How long does a rug pad last?

A high-quality rug pad made from natural rubber and 100% wool can last ten years or more, depending on the amount of traffic it experiences. 

Cheap rug pads become compressed and begin to break down almost instantly and will need replacing yearly, if not sooner.

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