How to Style a Rug in Your Living Room (That Fits Your Décor)

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Finding the perfect rug for your living room may seem like a daunting experience but, of course, there are ways to do it so that it is not something to stress over.

There are important things to consider and the first thing to think about is rug sizing and how big a rug you want for your living room.

Then it comes down to the way it looks - do you want to go traditional with an oriental rug, add a little bit of personality with the rug color, or go for a certain vibe with an epic rug type, such as a shag rug, or go for comfort with material like a wool rug or natural fiber rug?

If you go down the list before looking online or in the store, then it may help pare down how many living room rugs you end up having to look at.

And while you may hear about a rug rule that people follow (including the experts we talked to for this post!)...

... but do not be afraid to break it.

You might even want to layer multiple rugs in a living room that has a carpet! And layering rugs does not have to be limited to that, try it with a contemporary rug under a small rug with your sectional sofa or a colorful rug on top of a large rug with muted colors.

The point is to do what feels right for you and try not to limit the design of your living room.

We asked interior designers for their tips on how to style a rug in the living room. Read on and you may find inspiration on what to do with your living room.

How to style a rug in the living room

The bigger the better

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Submitted by Lynn Stone

When it comes to styling rugs in living rooms, we almost always go with “the bigger the better”.

If you are looking to make a room feel bigger, keep the furniture on the rug. This anchors the space and helps make the most of every inch of the room. Ideally, you will keep all legs of the sofa (the largest piece of furniture) on the rug, but, if you have to you can cheat.

For kids who love sitting on the floor will always pick the comfort of a rug over wood or tile. The pile height of the area rug and adding an extra thick rug pad will make the rug more comfortable to sit on for them.

Cheaters win when you are talking about your living room rug game. If you cannot cover enough space “cheating”, consider using multiple rugs or you can use this trick - tape two rugs together (on the backside) and use the furniture to help hold everything in place.

Plan ahead

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Submitted by Bre Hance, Principal Designer, and Owner of InHance Interiors

The great news about rugs is they are a piece you can go bold and have fun with. However, it is important to plan ahead, especially as living rooms are such a focal point for homes. Pre-measure out your sofa with painter’s tape to envision the exact dimensions you will be dealing with. Play with rug placement too so you can see which angle makes sense with your area rug.

If you are ordering a living room rug online, it is also important to make sure you look at every detail. Many make the mistake of ordering a rug and then realizing the edges are frayed, or the shape is wrong, or it clashes with the vibe of the room.

Consider the mood you want to achieve

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Submitted by Naomi O’Callaghan, Interior Designer & General Manager of Wood Flooring Ireland

When selecting a living room rug be sure to choose one that is actually big enough. A larger rug obviously comes with a larger price tag, however, the initial investment now will save you the heartbreak of repeated replacements down the line.

It is always vital to ensure that areas with high traffic are totally covered by your rug of choice, if you don’t you are going to end up with awkward wearing patterns on the rug and your floor. To avoid this from happening, a rug pad should be placed under the rug to help absorb the pressure and protect both the floor and the area rug.

Living room rug placement needs to work in tandem with the other furniture and decorations in your living area. The right rug will tie together the seating area and everything else aesthetically and tonally.

First, you will need to consider the size of your space - measure everywhere and then settle on a color scheme, will you go for a patterned choice or a solid block of color? If you’re trying to create a more relaxing vibe go for a wool rug with a more muted palette. If you want to conjure a more dark, moodier feel you should aim for a rug with lots of texture and far deeper tones such as a gray shag rug.

Also, if you go out and buy a stunning, patterned rug be sure you have space to actually see it. It goes without saying that living room rug placement is important. There is no point in having a Persian rug that is essentially another piece of art in your home if it is going to be obstructed by your coffee table, accent chair, and other furniture.

The color of the rug affects how big a room looks

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Submitted by Mr. Joshua Haley, Founder of Moving Astute

It is essential to first consider the rug size, design, and material along with the type of room, décor style, and furniture. Large rugs in open floor plans look good with a patterned rug or a colorful rug. While a smaller rug works best in a more intimate seating area with matching décor styles.

A great way to tie the space together is by choosing a colorful rug with patterns and arrangements that match your chest of drawers, tables, and chairs. If you like vibrant colors, then a large area rug is best for you because it will make small rooms appear larger than they actually are so choose wisely depending on room size!

Go with a theme

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Submitted by Rachel Mars of Architectures Ideas

We already know how living room rugs are important to us if we have them in our home. But if you are new to rugs you need to know why they are important and should be added to your living room.

Besides comfort and enhancing interiors, they cover marks of the floor, create a zone for a perfect place, and surprisingly they reduce and control noise. Using a rug pad will add an extra layer of protection and help with protecting floors and muting any noise.

If you know which area rug you want to bring home but have no idea how to style it then here are a couple of tips for you to easily style different rugs in a living room.

Mid-century modern living room

If you have some good mid-century modern furniture then create a fantastic look by choosing a living room rug that is bright and colorful. You can play with basic shapes and go for a round rug, rectangular rug, or a square rug.

A graphic twist

Try to experiment with a patterned rug or a colorful rug and just don't play safe. If you are confused with bold and bright colors just go with graphic rugs. Choose an area rug with a graphic design or a patterned rug and you will immediately notice a transformation in the whole ambiance of your living room.

Decorate your lounge area

Don't be afraid to use an outdoor rug for your seating areas. Adding a jute rug or any other natural fiber rug can instantly add a Boho feel and uplift the atmosphere.

A traditional touch

Traditional is always evergreen but you need to add a twist in it with some contemporary patterns in traditional colors. Go with a vintage rug mixed up with different styles and some modern decor with complex, intricate patterns to surprise your guests.

A good size rug is an important part of a room that connects the different spaces, makes the atmosphere more relaxing, and completes a room.

Remember to take good care of your rugs and it will give a glamorous look to your living room, bedroom, dining room, or any part of the house for years to come.

Flooring is the foundation of any beautiful room. Start with a great area rug, and the rest will fall into place.

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