These Are the Best Rug Pads for Your Bathroom Rug


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Improve your bathroom with the perfect rug pad

Your living room may be where you watch television and entertain guests, but there is another essential room in your home that needs to be comfortable (but is often overlooked)...

...the bathroom.

Whether you are standing at your mirror getting ready for work or enjoying an at-home spa staycation, you want your bathroom to exude the same level of style and comfort as the rest of your home.

Your bathroom flooring is a hard surface designed to withstand moisture and endure the wear and tear that bathrooms often see.

The problem? It can be slippery, cold, and hard on the feet.

A natural solution to these problems is to put down a rug that offers a soft spot for your feet to land, as well as prevent slipping and bunching.

Because there is a high chance your rug will get wet when placed in the bathroom, you will need to make smart decisions when choosing the right rug pad.

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Some waterproof rug pads are made to protect hardwood floors from moisture, such as spills or pet accidents. This means that water will become trapped between the rug and rug pad, leading to dangerous mold and smelly mildew.

Not only that, a thick pad may not dry completely, leading to retained moisture that will cause extensive damage to a laminate or wood floor. You will need a rug pad designed to withstand the heat and humidity generated in your bathroom.

You need a rug pad suitable for the high humidity and damp conditions that offer absorbent breathability and anti-slip protection while offering a cozy place for your feet to land as you step out of the bath.

Here are the best rug pads to use beneath your bathroom area rug.

Anchor Grip

Anchor Grip rug pad

The Anchor Grip is mold and mildew resistant, meaning it’s perfect for hot, humid conditions like your bathroom. It’s a low-profile rug pad that offers excellent traction and cushioning.

This rug pad has a solid weave that provides more padding contact with your bathroom floor, which increases the level of cushion and gripping power to prevent skids.

Cheap rug pads are made from harmful materials that can damage certain floor finishes and release toxins into the air.

On the other hand, Anchor Grip uses an EVA backing to offer superior grip while protecting the integrity of your floors.

Cloud Comfort Memory Foam

Cloud Comfort Rug Pad

If you need minimal grip in your half bath or low-traffic guest bathroom and want the plush comfort of memory foam, then the Cloud Comfort Memory Foam rug pad is the one for you.

Made from 100& visco-elastic memory foam, Cloud Comfort protects all types of bathroom floors.

This rug pad works overtime with a proprietary moisture barrier that blocks spills and wetness from reaching your flooring while allowing vapors to escape as water evaporates.

Cloud Comfort also offers superior sound-muffling and cushy comfort that will cradle your feet. This means that apartment dwellers will avoid angering their downstairs neighbors as they navigate their bathrooms at night. Cloud Comfort works best with rugs that naturally lie flat and don’t curl at the edge.

Super-Lock Natural

Super Lock Natural rug pad

Super-Lock Natural is the match for rugs that slip and slide over your bathroom’s hard surfaces. It utilizes a waffle design to allow maximum airflow while providing a comfortable level of cushioning underfoot.

Using over a pound of natural rubber in every square yard, this rug pad has been designed to overcome issues that occur with cheap rug pads, like floor stripping, staining, and scratching.

Super-Lock Natural is excellent for hot and humid bathrooms, as well as anchoring small area rugs that insist on curling and bunching. It’s a top pick for bathrooms that need an extra level of safety and slip protection.

It’s also best for high-traffic areas, and bathrooms frequently used because the durable rubber is designed to offer maximum grip.

Why you need a non-slip rug pad under your bathroom rug

The right area rug keeps your feet warm straight out of the shower and relieves back pain when standing at your vanity as you prepare for a night out on the town. It also offers a stylish alternative to the traditional bath rug with synthetic rubber backing.

Unfortunately, rugs can become their own tripping hazards. Falling in your bathroom can lead to injuries, especially with all the hard surfaces and tight spaces. You need the correct high quality rug pad to anchor your bathroom area rug in place.

The right rug pad to prevent slipping, add cushioning underfoot, and allow the materials to breathe correctly.

A rug without a pad is dangerous because, without friction between the slick rug backing and hard bathroom floor, it may slip out from underfoot.

Slipping isn’t the only hazard a padless rug can pose. Wedging occurs when a carpet is placed near the entryway door, causing it to become caught and block access to the bathroom. This can also cause damage to your carpet and lead to loose threads and tears, causing you to spend more money to replace your area rug.

Bunching can also occur, causing occupants to trip, especially if they are unfamiliar with your bathroom.

Other things you want to know

slippers on rainbow rug on tile floor

Should the area rug pad be the same size as the bathroom rug?

No, the size of your rug pad should not be identical to rug sizes. To prevent your rug from slipping on tile, you will need to purchase the correct size rug pad.

Typically, rug pads should be between 1 inch and 1.5 inches smaller around the perimeter than your area rug, depending on the thickness.

Having the rug pad smaller than your area rug keeps it from sticking out. It prevents additional tripping hazards by allowing for a gentle transition from hard floors to cushy, comfortable carpet.

You can order a custom-sized rug pad for unusual-shaped rugs or use scissors to trim the rug pad yourself. Just be sure your area rug exceeds the rug pad diameter by one inch!

What is the best type of area rug for a bathroom?

When choosing an area rug for your bathroom, opt for machine washable 100% cotton or a durable outdoor rug made from polypropylene.

These materials can withstand the hot, humid conditions created in a bathroom and offer unique design and style choices. Don’t forget a high-quality rug pad to prevent slipping.

How many rugs should be in a bathroom?

Typically, 2-3 rugs are best for an average-sized bathroom. When choosing a carpet that you will use near the entryway of your bathroom, opt for a thin rug and low-profile rug mat to prevent wedging and bunching.

Where should I place rugs in my bathroom?

There are several areas where an area rug and rug pad will add comfort and functionality to your bathroom flooring.

  1. In Front Of Your Sink: Use a small, rectangular area rug in front of a single sink vanity. A runner looks great in front of a dual sink vanity.
  2. Near Your Tub And Shower Stall: Choose an absorbent, mildew resistant rug and humidity-tolerant rug pad outside of your bathing area to prevent accidental slips and injuries.
  3. Around Your Toilet: A water-resistant toilet mat gives you a place to rest your feet while you do your business.

Keep in mind too many rugs in a small bathroom will make it look cluttered. Choose the most beneficial spot and ensure the rug doesn’t pose a tripping hazard to bathroom users.

How and when should I clean my bathroom rug?

You should wash your bathroom rug once a week. If you have a machine washable rug, follow the manufacturer’s directions.

If your rug is not machine washable, spot clean it with a mild detergent and warm water. Allow it to dry thoroughly before replacing it.

Most rug pads are not machine washable unless the manufacturer specifically states it. Spot clean with mild detergent and vacuum them thoroughly every time you wash your bathroom rug.

Can I use a rug pad on my bathroom’s radiant heat flooring?

Yes! You will need to choose a low-profile, heat-resistant rug pad, such as RugPadUSA’s Contour-Lock, that will withstand your floor’s warm temperatures, allow the heat to radiate through the carpet, and resist mold and mildew caused by excessive moisture.

Which way should I lay my dual surface rug pad?

Place the side with the rubber rug pad against the floor, and the needle punched felt rug pad facing your area rug.

How should I style my bathroom rug?

Many people default to a bath mat set with a cheap non-slip backing from Amazon when decorating the bathroom.

The problem is that they rarely last more than a couple of months and only come in dull, basic colors. Not only that, but the cheap, synthetic rubber backing can cause discoloration and scratch your bathroom flooring.

Few realize you can add a beautiful area rug to their bathroom for the same price. There are so many styles to choose from to incorporate function and fashion into your space.

  • Use A Plush Runner For Long, Skinny Bathrooms
  • Layer Rugs For A Stylish, Bohemian Look
  • Place A Round Area Rug In The Center Of Your Large Master Bathroom
  • Choose A Flatweave Rug In Your Favorite Accent Color
  • Lay An Oval Braided Rug Accent Rug To Add Bohemian Flair

If you have a plain bathroom or are a renter, adding an area rug is an easy temporary flooring option to liven up your bathroom and breathe new life into your décor.

To ensure it lasts in hot, humid conditions, you need to choose an area rug made with the right materials to prevent mold and mildew.

  • 100% Cotton: This material is natural, durable, and easy to clean. An added bonus is smaller rugs can usually be washed in a washing machine.
  • Chenille: Typically made from rayon or acrylic materials, these area rugs are durable and resistant to water damage.
  • Polypropylene: Area rugs made from this material are typically used outdoors, which means they can withstand the elements and dry quickly.

A man-made chenille rug made from rayon, acrylic, or polypropylene offers durability and will not be damaged by water but will not properly absorb moisture.

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