Protection, cushioning, safety, longevity and airflow.

Here's Why

In the theatre of home design, the rug is the star and the rug pad is the best friend, unglamourous and invisible but essential to the story and indispensable to the leading lady.

Protect Your Floor

Rug pads help prevent irreparable damages, blemishes, and scratches to your floor. Padding protects floors from erosive dirt and debris that naturally accumulates underneath rugs. Most rug pads serve as a safeguard against spills that may permanently stain or mar your surface.


Cushioned rug mats offer a comfortable yet durable buffer that provides a plush and soft area underfoot. Rug pads keep your rug anchored flat on its surface without bunching or knotting. Cushioned pads also help block the transference of sound from your feet to the floor.

Non-Slip Safety

Without the utilization of a rug pad, runner and area rugs tend to slip and slide on their surface causing constant readjustment to the placement of their rug. Non-Slip padding is designed to adhere your rug to its surface in order to avoid bunching or knotting that could cause accidents or slips.


Just as placing a rug pad preserves and shields your floor from damage, the use of an adequate pad prolongs the life, beauty, and strength of your rug. Proper padding serves as protective buffer against everyday friction that eventually degrades the quality of your rug.

Facilitate Airflow

Rug pads promote and encourage airflow between your flooring and rug. This allows for particles of dust or dirt to be easily swept up while vacuuming while leaving room for both your floor and your rug to breathe. Proper airflow facilitation prevents debris build-up, which is essential in the conservation of flooring and the durability of your rug.

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