Which is the right pad for your rug?


Rug pads have two key properties: grip and cushioning. Start by choosing which is most important to you.

Those that grip and anchor a rug and are low in density. They’re best for high-traffic areas such as foyers and hallways, where thin rugs and runners can act as banana peels; and for areas where you’ll need to clear closet or adjoining-room doors.

Those that cushion, add a lush look and feel to living areas. They’re ideal for rooms where children - and ambitious adults - will be crawling and playing and where rugs are already anchored by furniture, such as a dining room. They’re also great for apartment living above noisy neighbors, because more density = more soundproofing.

Should you decide you really need a degree of both grip and cushioning, opt for a Dual-Purpose pad.

Pure Grip

Our Pure Grip rug pads offer unbeatable stay-put performance without unwanted bulk.

Nature’s Grip is our lowest-profile pad, perfect for rugs with a high rise. Super-Lock Natural is our best-gripping pad, ideal for truly errant area rugs. The most cushiony of our Pure Grip pads, Anchor Grip offers optimal floor protection and comfort underfoot.

Pure Cushion

Our Pure Cushion pads protect your floors and make for a luxe living experience.

Our most luxurious rug pad for true connoisseurs of cushioning, Cloud Comfort is made with 100% visco-elastic memory foam and is sumptuous enough to nap on. A popular choice for family living among the eco-minded, Eco Plush is made of cozy and soft 100% recycled felt. SpillTech is designed for those looking to maximize cushioning while keeping stains at a minimum, making cleanup a breeze.

Dual Purpose

Our Dual-Purpose performers combine strong grip with varying layers of cushioning from subtle to sensual.

A virtuoso of versatility, Superior Lock combines superior holding power with lush comfort. It’s our thickest and most durable dual performer. Contour Lock is our lowest-profile dual performer and the best choice for smaller rugs that tend to bulk.

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