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Econo Lock Natural

A simple non-slip rug pad made with natural rubber, not plastic

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Super Lock Natural

Better gripping rug pad made with more natural rubber for extra gripping power

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Nature's Grip

Our best gripping pad is also our most eco-friendly

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Anchor Grip

Solid design lends exceptional non-slip grip, increased floor protection & a surprisingly cushy feel

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Low profile, high performance rug pad designed to keep rugs lying flush with floors

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Pure Grip Rug Pads

Runner, hallway, and thin area rugs tend to slip and slide out of place or bunch up at their corners. A Pure Grip rug pad offers unbeatable non-slip traction without any unnecessary bulk that may cause people to trip or doorways to be blocked.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Pure Grip rug pad? And when would I need one?

    Pure Grip is a collection of our strongest gripping pads we offer. These rug pads aim to keep rugs anchored firmly in place without any slipping or bunching. Pure Grip rug pads are best for runner, hallway, and area rugs that tend to knot up or slide out of place.

  • Which rug pad is the best for wood floors?

    Every pad listed is designed, tested, and approved for hardwood floors. The best way for us to answer your question is to contact us directly, so we can best understand your rug type and what padding will work with your area rug.

  • My last rug pad got stuck to my floor - will Pure Grip pads stick to my floors over time?

    No, our rug pads will never stick or disintegrate. Rug pads produced with high-quality, natural, and low off gassing materials should never stick to any flooring - even years after you’ve placed it under your rug.

    Please make sure to follow your flooring manufacturer's instructions. If you are refinishing floors, it’s best to wait at least 30 days before using a rug pad.

  • What is the difference between your Pure Grip pads?

    Our Nature’s Grip pad provides a strong grip with less cushioning. Made with handwoven jute fibers and natural rubber, Nature’s Grip is also our most eco-friendly rug pad.

    Super Lock Natural has more cushioning than Nature’s Grip with a waffle-style design for extended airflow and gripping abilities.

    Anchor Grip has the most cushioning out of the three Pure Grip rug pads. Its solid design allows for more touch points between the pad and surface.

  • Do you custom cut your rug pads?

    Yes, we professionally custom cut our rug pads to fit any rug dimension.  All of our rug pads are cut directly from the roll by a trained staff member.

    Before adding a product to your cart, all you need to do is enter your rug's size and shape. We will take between 1-1.5’’ off all sides, depending on how thick the pad is. All of this will be detailed for you after you fill out the product form. If you have a more complex request, you’re free to offer alternative cutting instructions ("special instructions") as well.

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