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Superior Lock

Superior Lock combines the rich, sensual cushioning of layered felt with exceptional grip, thanks to our checkered natural rubber backing. The premiere choice for a busy, upscale home.

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Rug Pads for Carpet Floors

Placing a rug over carpet can be fun and elegant but at times tricky. A felt & rubber pad will prevent premature bunching and creeping while keeping your rug firmly anchored on carpet.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which rug pad is the most effective for placing a rug on carpet flooring?

    Superior Lock is the only rug pad designed to keep area rugs anchored on carpet. Most rug on carpet pads use a dual adhesive film that sticks to the bottom of your rug and the carpet. We’ve tested these and found that the majority of them don’t work very well and they can only be used once. The Superior Lock pad can be placed and replaced many times without loss of grip or quality.

  • Will Superior-Lock prevent bunching?

    In theory, it depends on how thick your carpet is. With thinner, berber style carpets, Superior Lock works extremely well and helps prevent rugs from bunching or wrinkling. With thicker rugs on top of thicker carpets, such as shag, it makes it more difficult to keep the rug anchored and prevent bunching & creeping. We have tested several similar products and found there isn’t really anything on the market that works with heavy carpeting.

  • Which thickness is recommended for carpet surfaces?

    A thicker size will help even out bunching and wrinkles that can occur on carpet, thus we typically recommend the thickest size (7/16’’) for area rugs over carpet surfaces.

  • Which side goes up?

    The felt side will lay down towards the carpet while the rubber side faces up.

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