How To Protect Your Vinyl Floors From Damage

Fashion always comes back around. It's true for clothing- bright colored sportswear first made popular in the 80s came back and won our hearts again because of the comfort factor. Vinyl flooring follows the same trend. 

Its budget friendly price point, wide variety of designs and durability make it an attractive option for many home owners. 

It is water proof, easy to clean, affordable and resilient to damage, making it the perfect flooring choice for a growing number of households. If hardwood flooring is the marathon runner that improves over time, vinyl is the flexible yoga instructor that adapts with the times.  

Consumers love vinyl's flexibility

Vinyl flooring is an attractive and cheaper alternative to hardwood and tiled floors because it can be anything you want it to be. It can take the texture and look of gorgeous white stained marble for bathroom and kitchen surfaces or transform itself into oak planks that are barely distinct from the real thing. 

And, unlike hardwood and tile, vinyl floors are softer on the feet. They absorb sound better (neighbor points!) and feel warmer and more comfortable than harder flooring surfaces. 

One of their most attractive points is the ease of care. The greatest thing a floor can be is easy to clean. Vinyl ticks that box. It is dirt and water resistant and requires very little maintenance. Sweep dirt and grime, mop it using a vinyl floor cleaner and it's done. 

Flexibility has a downside

This flexibility does comes with a price. Sharp objects and heavy furniture can damage your floor by scratching it and leaving deep poke marks. With certain vinyl tiles the attrition can cause the whole tile to pop out and require replacement. 

That's why it's important to use furniture pads and rug pads to keep heavy cases and rugs from slipping and sliding and damaging your floor.

The rubber problem

While vinyl is pretty easy going, it can be damaged by conflicting materials. That’s why it’s vital for your floors' well being that you chose rug pads that complement it and don’t damage the surface

Rubber, both the natural and synthetic variety, wrecks vinyl floors. It reacts with the chemicals in the vinyl and causes staining that deeply damages the floor fabric. Heat, whether from sunlight or caused by the friction of walking on top of rubber backed rug pads, causes a chemical reaction.

A lot of cheaper rug pad alternatives are made using PVC. Rug pads that contain PVC have a number of issues that can damage and strip your floors from their finish.

Protect your floor with eco-friendly rug pads

When you put together two surfaces that have a natural stickiness and release the same kind of gas, they interact and that can damage your floor finish. The natural oils in our eco friendly rugs makes that interaction a lot friendlier. As with life, sometimes opposites attract.

Anchor grip rug pad

The anchor grip rug pad is well suited to vinyl flooring. It is completely non-slip and rubber free. It uses sustainable soy oils and bio based fillers to grip the floor firmly while preventing damage from chemical seep. The ingredients are non-reactive with vinyl flooring making it a great non-slip alternative to rug pads that contain natural rubber.

A low profile rug pad, it is incredibly well suited to thinner rugs and high quality Persian carpets. It keeps even the most stubborn rugs in place.

Comfort grip rug pad

The comfort grip rug pad is a softer, more cushioned alternative that’s also bio based and made with plant based oils and fillers. Completely sustainable and eco friendly, it interacts with your floors preventing staining. This rug pad is softer and the extra padding between the rug and the floor increases comfort. 

Protecting your assets

While the concern with phthalates in vinyl flooring is growing, sometimes you have to make the best do with what you got. If you inherited a vinyl floor or chose to instal one because of its other attractive qualities it’s important to protect it from damage. 

Using specially made vinyl cleaner and vinyl friendly rug and furniture pads will ensure your floor remains gorgeous for years to come. 

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