The Best Rug Pad for a Ruggable? The One That Doesn't Ruin Your Floors


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What is the best non-slip pad for a Ruggable?

Ruggables are a growing trend in the home design influencer community. The concept is great. I mean, who doesn’t want a washable rug cover? It’s almost impossible to avoid occasional spills, whether from a pet accident or a glass of red wine. We love the convenience of being able to throw a rug cover in the washing machine every month or so.

The downside?

Ruggable washable rugs don’t quite cut it when it comes to protecting your floors. You won’t get the same level of comfort, quality, and protection as you would with a premium non-slip rug.

We’re here to give you the lowdown you need on how to find the best non-slip pad for your Ruggable.

Why you need a rug pad under your Ruggable rug

  • Ruggable Rug Covers and pads don’t sufficiently protect your flooring. They’re great at preventing slipping, but they’re too thin to truly protect your floor from wear and tear or discoloration.
  • Ruggable Pads aren’t very comfortable underfoot—both the rug cover and the rug pad and very thin and even hard. If you like the feeling of a cushioned rug pad, you’ll need a thicker pad.

For us, comfort and protection are the two primary reasons to have a rug and rug pad. So Ruggables don’t quite cut it without an extra non-slip pad.

What to know before you buy

Cheap rug pads can cause permanent damage to your flooring. The fibers in rug pads can leave scratches on floors, and dyes can bleed through. Additionally, with insufficient cushioning, furniture can scratch your floors even through a rug.

Here’s what you need to know about materials that can damage tile or hardwood floors:

  • Phthalates: Phthalates are chemicals that manufacturers use to help strengthen plastic. However, they’re also quite toxic and function as dissolving agents.
  • Synthetic latex: Many cheap rug pads are made with synthetic latex to help make the surface “stickier.” Unfortunately, synthetic latex is also a carcinogen.
  • Adhesives: Many of the chemicals used to create the adhesive properties in non stick pads are pretty bad for you and the environment. They can also release a chemical reaction that permanently stains floors.

We’re all for a good bargain, but if you want to ensure your floors last a long time, you’ll need better protection than what most rug pads on the market offer.

So what materials are suitable for tile or hardwood floors? When you’re shopping for rug pads, look for the following safe materials:

  • Natural rubber: Natural rubber is safe for you and the environment. It also does a phenomenal job gripping your floor to ensure a non-slip rug. It’s non-toxic, comfortable, and sustainable.
  • Felt: You’ll also see high-quality rug pads that blend natural rubber and felt. Felt is safe for your floors and non-toxic. It also adds a fantastic luxury, plush feel to your rug.

This is the best rug pad for Ruggables

So, if Ruggables don’t provide the protection you need, how do you find a rug pad that will? We have three of the best options for a non slip, premium-quality rug pad. Each option below contains sustainable materials, safe, durable, stain-resistant, comfortable, and eco-friendly.

Anchor Grip

Anchor Grip Rug Pad on Hardwood Floor

Made from EVA, the Anchor Grip non slip rug pad is the perfect support for any rug. We love this one for high-end rugs and protecting high-end flooring, too. It’s safe for all vinyl, hardwood and finishes and provide a great barrier between your wood floors and whatever assails them.

Anchor Grip will not discolor or stain vinyl, or luxury vinyl plank flooring, as it is 100% latex and rubber free.

Anchor Grip is particularly excellent for hot or humid climates as it is mold and mildew resistant. It’s durable, sustainable, and comfortable.


RugPro Rug Pad on Hardwood Floor

RugPro is ideal for high-traffic areas in your home, like the living room, kitchen, or hallways. The felt and natural rubber blend provide the perfect balance of plush comfort and revolutionary non-slip technology. The classic rug pad has tiny holes needle-punched through it to allow maximum breathability for your rug and floors. This helps keep both in prime condition.

The coarse upper layer of felt ensures a good grip on your rug, so the two become one. The underside uses natural rubber to grip the hard surface of your floor. With this two-sided strategy, you won’t get any wrinkling, buckling, or sliding.

Overall, RugPro is very low-profile, so it delivers all the non-slip you need without the lift. Your rugs will lie flat and pristine – and always stay in place.


Superior Lock Rug Pad on Hardwood Floor

Superior-Lock is our favorite thicker rug pad for larger, flatweave rugs. This is one of our plushest cushioned rug pads, offering maximum cushion and comfort. It’s so comfortable you might even notice your friends sitting on the floor when they come over!

Like RugPro, this one is made of natural rubber and recycled felt. It’s incredibly durable, strong, and yet deeply cushioned. If you live in an apartment with downstairs neighbors, this is also a great option as the cushioned rug provides a good soundproof barrier between you and the floor.

The thick rubber base adheres to the floor, both preventing slippage and protecting your floor’s surface.

Other things you want to know

Let’s review a few other frequently asked questions about Ruggables and the best type of rug pads to buy.

Can you use a different pad with Ruggable?

Of course! You can use an additional classic rug pad with a Ruggable and use it just like you would with a standard rug. We highly recommend doing this to protect your flooring and provide extra padding beneath your Ruggable. You’ll ensure both your Ruggable and your floors last longer.

Aren't Ruggable rugs already non-slip?

Yes, Ruggable rugs have a thin layer on the bottom that is non-slip, like yoga mats. However, the material is a type of plastic resin, which can damage your floors over time. Be sure you provide an extra layer of protection between your Ruggable rug and your floor.

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