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Waterproof Rug Pads

Why Choose A Waterproof Rug Pad?

Accidents happen, but they don't have to ruin your expensive flooring. A waterproof rug pad can help prevent spills from reaching and damaging your floor.

The most common situation when you'd want that extra moisture barrier is with pets. Dog or cat pee can damage good vinyl flooring or hardwood flooring. However, a quality rug pad that's water resistant can help keep the liquid off the flooring.

Benefits Of A Waterproof Area Rug Pad

Aside from the obvious waterproofing benefit, there are other benefits to getting a premium waterproof area rug pad.

Pet Friendly Rug Padding

As we mentioned, the primary reason most people want a waterproof rug pad is to protect floors from pet urine. These rug pads can help you do just that and are completely safe to have with pets.

Spill Protection for Floors

Waterproof rug pads are great to protect floors from spills and will give you enough time to clean up the spill without the liquid damaging your flooring.

Waterproof Padding

Depending on the specific rug pad, a waterproof mat can add more rug padding for your area rug or other indoor rugs. The SpillTech and Cloud Comfort rug pads both use memory foam for added thickness and cushion. This can be especially nice for an area rug pad where you don't need to worry about slippage.


Our Anchor Grip rug pads have less cushion, but still have a comfortable level of cushioning and non slip grip.

Non Slip Grip

Our Anchor Grip rug pad is our only waterproof non slip rug pad. The pad has a low profile and high grip so it's perfect for smaller rugs in high traffic areas or for waterproof bathroom rugs.

USA Made

All our waterproof pads are made here in the USA so we can guarantee quality for every single water resistant rug pad.

Choosing the Best Waterproof Rug Pad

Our selection of waterproof and water resistant rug pads cover a wide variety of needs and have different features you'll want to consider. Get to know our selection so we can get the best waterproof rug pad for your needs.

waterproof rug pad

Anchor Grip Waterproof Rug Pad: Waterproof Non Slip Rug Pad

Our Anchor Grip waterproof rug pad uses soybean oils and bio based fillers for a sustainable, grippy PVC rug pad that's safe for most hard surface floors and is easy to wash by hand.

The pad has a lower profile than our other waterproof rug pads so it's best for small rugs that need non slip padding or need to make a door clearance. Use this type of pad for anything from a hallway runner rug, entryway rug, kitchen mat, or smaller area rug sizes (smaller than an 8x10 rug).

The pad is best for high-end area rugs, small rugs and runners that need extra grip, and hot and humid climates.


Exactly What We Needed

Exactly what we needed. Wanted a waterproof rug pad but good for wood floors. Was cut to size and arrived very quickly. Great service.

— Martha M.

Cloud Comfort Rug Pad: Memory Foam Comfort

This is our premium memory foam pad. This will provide the best cushion out of all our waterproof options with 100% visco-elastic memory foam (the same type of padding you'd find in a memory foam mattress). Along with waterproofing, this pad also offers some of the best sound absorption and cushioning out of all our rug pads.

The one drawback? This pad is not a non slip rug pad meaning you'll only want to use it for larger rugs like a large area rug that you can anchor with furniture.


Great for Aging Dogs

Very comfy and waterproof, great for aging dogs.

— Cathy G.

SpillTech Rug Pad: Scotchgard Waterproof Rug Pad

This pad provides the most liquid protection out of all our waterproof rug pads. We teamed up with Scotchgard(TM) and 3M to create this completely pet proof Scotchgard waterproof rug pad. The pad features Scotchgard's Advanced Repel Technology and a 3/8" thick layer of urethane foam for added cushioning.

Similar to the Cloud Comfort, this pad also does not have any gripping technology, so it's best for larger rugs that don't need a non slip rug pad.


Love the Product and Recommend to Anyone

Great product received promptly, packaged securely and well protected during transport. It gives my new area rug nice cushioned support, protects floors from possible water spills. Love the product and recommend it to anyone. Will purchase two more in the spring for my next project.

— Kathryn M.

The Best Water Proof Rug Pad by Rug Size and Room

Choosing the right waterproof padding for rugs often comes down to your rug size and what room the pad will be in.

The Best Waterproof Non Slip Pad for Small and Medium Rugs 2x3 - 6x9

Our only non slip water proof rug pad is our Anchor Grip waterproof rug pad. The Anchor Grip pad is low profile at just 1/8" thick so it won’t cause tripping hazards or add extra bulk to your rug.

The solid construction pad uses a soybean oil-based polymer blend that provides a water resistant barrier between your rug and floor while also providing grip and floor protection.

The Best Waterproof Bathroom Rug Pad

Bathrooms get steamy and humid, and often a bathroom rug will get wet from the shower, bath, sink, or toilet. That’s why it’s important to get a rug pad that can handle the extra moisture without damaging your floor.

waterproof carpet pads for bathroom

Our best waterproof bathroom rug pad recommendation is the Anchor Grip rug pad because it provides a reliable moisture barrier, mildew and mold resistance, and non slip grip. With smaller rugs like toilet or shower mats, it’s important to have slip resistance, so this low profile pad is a great option.

If you’re looking for more padding underfoot, we’d recommend our Superior Lock rug pad which isn’t waterproof, but offers enough padding that it can absorb small amounts of liquid and is breathable enough to dry quickly and keep your floor unscathed. If all you’re concerned about is the moisture from stepping out of the shower, the Superior Lock will do the trick while providing comfort and grip.

The Best Large Waterproof Rug Pad 8x10 or Larger

If you need a large waterproof mat for an area rug that often gets spilled on, our Cloud Comfort or SpillTech rug pad. Both these waterproof foam pads provide soft cushion underfoot and a tough moisture barrier to keep pet accidents or drink spills from getting to your floor.

waterproof area rug pad for pets

For the highest level of waterproofing to shield from things like pet accidents, we recommend the SpillTech pad. The waterproof pad provides a completely pet proof pad and helps you recognize and clean up pet urine.

What’s Best for Waterproof Kitchen Rugs?

If you’re looking for spill protection for minor spills and drips like in a kitchen or dining room, we’d recommend our Cloud Comfort or Anchor Grip pad for waterproof kitchen rugs.

If you need an 8x10 waterproof rug pad or larger, go with Cloud Comfort because it offers luxurious cushioning along with the moisture barrier so your larger rug will be extra comfy.

If your rug is smaller or is a runner, we’d suggest the Anchor Grip pad.


Love the Cloud Comfort Pad

I love the new pad for my area kitchen rug. It is so comfortable when cooking or cleaning dishes. I give it five stars!

— Elizabeth M.

The Best Rug Pad Moisture Barrier for Floor Type

If you have a particular type of floor you’re especially concerned about with moisture, we’ve got you covered. All of our waterproof mats are safe for all floor types and will not damage, stain, or discolor your floor.

These are our specific recommendations for some of the most common floor types we get asked about with waterproof rug pads.

The Best Waterproof Rug Pad for Hardwood Floors

Since all our waterproof pads are safe with hardwood floors, the best waterproof rug pad for hardwood floors will depend on the size of your rug.

With small rugs or runners, the best waterproof rug pads for wood floors is our Anchor Grip rug pad because it also provides slip resistance to help keep your small rug in place on slippery hard surface floors. This pad is safe for all hardwood floors and finishes and can help your rugs to protect hardwood floors from water or other liquids.

With large area rugs, the Cloud Comfort or SpillTech are safe for hardwood, so you can choose from either one.

The Best Moisture Barrier for Concrete Floor

If you need a concrete floor moisture barrier that’s waterproof, any of our waterproof rug pads will be safe to use. Choosing the right pad for you will then depend on your preferred budget and level of cushion.

If this is for a basement floor moisture barrier, we’d recommend our Anchor Grip rug pad or even our Eco Plush pad. While the Eco Plush is not waterproof, it offers a thick budget-friendly layer of padding for water absorption and the breathable felt material makes it quick drying to keep your rug safe from mildew or mold. The Anchor Grip is less thick and less breathable than the Eco Plush, but has that water resistant construction.

If you need more liquid protection and want more cushion over the hard concrete, both Cloud Comfort and SpillTech are good choices. These pads offer a layer of foam to cushion your feet and are fully waterproof to provide that moisture barrier for concrete floors.

Don't Need Waterproofing?

Don't have a pet or deciding you don't really need a moisture barrier for your rug?

You may want to try some of our other types of rug pads like our natural rubber pad options with all natural fibers and exceptional non slip capabilities or a felt rug pad for ultra eco-friendly padding that's gentle on rug fibers and your floor.