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Superior Lock 1/4"

Cushioned felt combined with a reinforced natural rubber backing

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Eco Plush 3/8"

Dense felt pad with generous cushioning for use with larger rugs that don’t require a non-slip pad

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Cloud Comfort 7/16"

Dreamy cushioning that comes from 100% visco elastic memory foam, the same found in quality mattresses

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Soundproof Rug Pads

A soundproof rug pad helps reduce floor noise while improving overall acoustics in your home or apartment. We offer three pads which can greatly reduce overall floor noise in your home while keeping neighboring noise out.

Which rug pad is the best for noise reduction? We recommend Superior Lock with any rug that needs a non slip rug pad, with any pads smaller than 8x10, or with rugs in very high traffic areas (such as hallways and entryways). We recommend Eco Plush and Cloud Comfort with larger rugs that don’t need a non slip pad and are often anchored down with furniture. Cloud Comfort works slightly better than Eco Plush for noise reduction, but is also priced higher. For all the pads included in this list, recommend choosing the thickest size because thicker pads will absorb more sound.

Superior Lock is the best non slip rug pad for noise reduction. Superior Lock combines a thick layer of felt with a non slip natural rubber backing. It’s available in multiple thicknesses, however we recommend going with our thickest size (7/16" thick) to maximize noise reduction.

Eco Plush is made with 100% heat pressed felt fibers. It creates a dense buffer between your rugs and floors, adding plush comfort under your rugs. Eco plush is not a non slip rug pad, so it should only be used with larger rugs that are often anchored down with furniture. Eco Plush, like Superior-Lock, is also available in multiple thicknesses, but we recommend the thickest (1/2") size to fully maximize noise reduction from foot traffic.

Cloud Comfort is our best rug pad for reducing noise, ideal for larger rugs (8x10 or larger). Cloud Comfort is for the comfort connoisseur. It’s made from 100% visco elastic memory foam, the same found in quality mattress, for the same memory foam feel underneath your rugs.

Customer Questions & Answers

  • Our main goal is to find a good pad for noise reduction. Is there a rug pad other than Superior Lock that might be suitable?

    Yes, we have two other pads that can help eliminate noises, and they are Eco Plush which has a choice of three thicknesses and Cloud Comfort which has a choice of two.

  • Do you have rug pads that act as effective sound dampeners? I have hardwood floors in my '60s-style house and noises travel all over.

    Two pads that we often sell to help customers reduce noises within their homes are our Superior Lock 7/16" and Eco Plush 1/2" pads. Both excel at eliminating and reducing internal noises while also keeping out neighboring noises and improving domestic acoustics.

  • I live on the second floor of an older apartment building and will be adopting my parent’s dog who weighs about 70 lbs. What is the best rug pad to eliminate the noise he may create from walking around? He will be in an area that has laminate flooring.

    I recommend our Superior Lock felt and natural rubber pad at 7/16" thickness. It is a great pad for both noise reduction and comfort.

  • Will the rubber backing of the Superior Lock pad do a good job of dampening sound from the floor below?

    Superior Lock is one of our soundproofing pads and it is a popular choice among customers who either want to reduce internal noises or block external sounds from coming in. The thicker the pad the better the soundproofing so you might want to choose the 7/16" thickness.

  • I’m moving into a house with wood floors and will be living in an upper floor unit. I play guitar and sing and want to reduce the noise traveling downstairs to those below. Which pad is best for sound and does it go on top of the floor or underneath it?

    We have three excellent pads for soundproofing and they are Superior Lock, Eco Plush and Cloud Comfort. You place them on top of your floor and underneath a rug and either one will do a great job of dampening the sound coming from your home.

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