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Finished pad will be custom cut to 0' 10" x 0' 10", which is 1" shorter around all sides.

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Product Description

The utmost cushioning for your floor and rug, Cloud Comfort brings the same memory comfort found in a mattress to any living area. Its 100% visco-elastic memory foam is engineered to provide a supportive layer of protection for larger area rugs that do not require non-slip attributes.

Cloud Comfort contributes to LEED credits and is made with natural minerals and soybean oils vs. petro oils, resulting in very low VOC content. Its proprietary moisture barrier protects floors by blocking spills while at the same time allowing vapor to escape. It offers the highest levels of sound absorption, comfort and insulation available in a rug pad and pairs well with larger rugs that lie flat on their own.

Maximum roll width for 1/4" pad is 12 feet and 7/16" pad is 10 feet. All pads wider than maximum will be cut-to-order in equal pieces.

Key Features

ORIGIN: Made in the USA

MATERIAL: 100% visco-elastic memory foam

BEST FOR: Higher-end handwoven rugs; hot and humid climates

ATTRIBUTES: Pure Cushion; Eco-Friendly; Waterproof; Soundproof; available in 1/4" and 1/2" thicknesses; safe for all floors and finishes, including hardwoods and laminates, tile, stone, and marble

WARRANTY: 20 Years

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which floor types is Cloud Comfort safe for?

    Cloud Comfort rug pads are made with 100% visco elastic memory foam which is safe with all floors. Be sure you always follow your flooring manufacturer's instructions and wait for proper curing times.

  • Which rug types work well with Cloud Comfort?

    Cloud Comfort works best with rugs that lay flat on their own and are ideal for adding comfort to larger area rugs. Heavy rugs, wool rugs, and other higher pile rugs often match well with Cloud Comfort. With thinner rugs, such as flat weaves that tend to bunch up on their own, we recommend a non-slip rug pad to promote rug evenness and prevent bunching

  • Do memory foam rug pads have any non-slip features?

    No. Cloud Comfort rug pads are made for larger rugs that do not require a non-slip grip. If you’re looking to add cushion to rugs that need grip, try our Felt + Rubber or Natural Rubber rug pads. Typically, rugs smaller than 7’x10’ or rugs that are not anchored down by surrounding furniture should use a non-slip rug pad.

  • Which side of this rug pad do I place on the floor?

    Place the smooth surface up and stickier surface towards the floor. The upper surface has a built in waterproof moisture barrier which prevents liquid from reaching your floor.

  • Will Cloud Comfort flatten over time?

    No. Our memory foam pads come with a 20 year warranty and are guaranteed never to crush or flatten out over time.

  • Are your memory foam rug pads eco-friendly?

    Yes. Our memory foam rug pads are GreenGuard certified, a strict non-profit with very comprehensive standards for low VOC emissions. To achieve GreenGuard certification, products must be free of formaldehyde, PBDE’s, triclosan and other damaging chemicals. Cloud Comfort also contribute to LEED credits, made in part with soybean oils and other natural minerals.

  • Which offers better cushion, felt or memory foam?

    Our memory foam rug pads are the most comfortable pad in our fleet. Eco Plush, our 100% felt rug pad, is a close second.

  • Does this rug pad contain any noticeable odors?

    No. Cloud comfort is odor free.

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