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Cloud Comfort 7/16"

Dreamy cushioning that comes from 100% visco elastic memory foam, the same found in quality mattresses

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Add cushion and prevent spills from reaching your floors with this 100% water resistant pad

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Pure Cushion Rug Pads

Lend a lush layer of cushioning, comfort, and protection for your rug. Pure Cushion pads are our thickest and most supportive products to bolster and enhance large area rugs while protecting your flooring.

Prolonging your rugs life: A cushioned pad will help prolong a rugs life by absorbing some of the foot traffic from everyday use. Rug pads wear from the bottom up, thus a dense cushioned pad provides a nice foundation for your rug, alleviating stress on your rugs.

More Floor Protection: The other big benefit of a denser, softer rug pad is added floor protection. Thicker rug pads offer more floor protection than lower profile pads. This helps with furniture scratching your floors. The other benefit of a Prue Cushion rug pad is that it protects the floors from scratching rug backings and rug shifting. The back of rugs, especially handmade ones, can scratch up floors without a pad. A lush felt or memory foam pad will create a dense buffer to prevent this from happening.

Insulation & Sound absorption benefits: Similar to how cushioned rug padding helps protect floors and rugs, the added layer of cushioning helps muffle floor noise while providing more insulation benefits.

Layering: A nice benefit to having a more cushioned rug pad is that it gives the rug textured and layered look.

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