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Super Lock Natural

Classic non-slip rug pad made with over 1lb of natural rubber per sq yard

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Nature's Grip

Our most eco friendly non slip rug pad - made with 100% natural rubber and plant jute

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Anchor Grip

Solid design provides firm grip, increased floor protection, and a surprisingly plush feel

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Our strongest gripping non slip rug pad - made with natural rubber and felt

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Contour Lock

Best overall value for subtle cushioning and reliable gripping power

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Superior Lock 1/4"

Cushioned felt combined with a reinforced natural rubber backing

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Non-Slip Rug Pads

Unlike imported plastic padding or other cheap rug pads, our rug pads are designed to grip floors, not stick to them. Keep your rugs secured for years to come with one of our non-slip rug pads. Made in the USA and backed by a 10-15 year warranty.

Why Get a Non Slip Rug Pad?

When you have stubbornly mobile rugs, smaller rugs, hallway runners, or rugs in high traffic areas, getting your rugs to stay in place often feels like a never-ending battle. You could try other ways to keep rugs from slipping like rug gripper or rug tape, but these often don't last very long or damage flooring.

Enter the non slip rug pad. Whether it's your doormat, small oriental rug, hallway runner, or living room throw rug, if it slips, our non slip rug pads are here to help. A rug pad keeps things simple and durable while providing the solution you need for many years to come.

Types of Non Slip Rug Pads

You can choose from a variety of different styles of non slip rug pads from a thick rug pad for cushion and rubber grip to a thin non slip pad perfect for door mats because they won't interfere with the door's movement.

Thick Rug Pads

If you want something that adds a bit of cushioning to your rug while still being non slip, our Superior Lock or Contour Lock rug pads are the way to go. Both these pads use a combination of natural rubber and felt. The felt adds cushion which is great for any hard surface and helps the mat grip your rug while the natural rubber on the bottom grips the floor to keep the rug in place.

If you were to have just a felt rug pad, those are great too, but they won't get you the non slip grip that comes from a natural rubber rug pad. An all-felt rug pad would be best for larger rugs or rugs that have heavy furniture to anchor them.

These thicker pads come in thicknesses from 1/8-inch to 7/16-inch so you can feel luxurious laying in front of the fireplace or keep your rugs from wearing down due to uneven tile.

Thin Rug Pads

In a lot of non-slip scenarios, you'll likely want to keep the rug pad profile low key to avoid a tripping hazard or the rug catching on doors. That's where our thin, low-profile rug pads like the Super Lock NaturalNature's GripAnchor Grip, and RugPro come in.

While all these different pads have slightly different features, they all provide top-notch gripping capability without distracting from the rug.

Eco-Friendly Pads

Our most eco-friendly rug pad is Nature's Grip, which uses hand-woven organic jute fibers and natural rubber. The combination makes for a super durable and grippy non-skid rug pad. Plus, the organic jute fibers also make this pad ideal for places with more moisture because it is mole and mildew resistant and facilitates airflow.

Non Slip Pads Safe for Floor Types

Want to double-check the non slip pad you're looking at will keep your flooring safe? We don't blame you.

While all our non slip rug pads should be safe for any hard floor or carpet, you can cross-check them with our rug pad recommendations by floor type like tilenatural hardwood floors, or laminate.

Customer Questions & Answers

  • I have a thinner area rug. Which non-slip rug pad should I get?

    Some thinner area rugs have a tendency to slip out of place or bunch up at the corners. To combat this issue we would recommend the Anchor Grip, Contour Lock, or Superior Lock pads to provide some weight and comfort. Both rug pads work exceptionally well with thin, flat-woven rugs.

  • What are the benefits of a thicker non-slip pad?

    Thicker non-slip pads like Contour Lock and Superior Lock pads lend extra cushioning underfoot with a strong grip. Cushioning will soften your rugs, making them more comfortable to walk on. Thinner non skid rug pads work well in high traffic areas, such as hallways and entryways, when cushioning is less important.

  • With larger rugs that are anchored down, do I need a non-slip rug pad?

    Non-slip rug pads help keep the corners anchored down while promoting rug evenness. Rugs actually wear from the bottom up, so depending on the strength of your rugs backing a quality rug pad will help prolong the life of your rug. With rugs anchored down, if you’re not worried about the corners slipping or bunching, then a 100% felt or memory foam carpet pad might add a layer of comfort that didn’t exist beforehand.

  • Which non skid rug pads work with which rug types?

    For smaller rugs and runner rugs, we recommend choosing a rug pad from our Pure Grip category, such as Anchor Grip, Super Lock Natural, or Nature’s Grip. Smaller rugs in high traffic areas are tougher to keep anchored, our pure grip pads are the best gripping rug pads on the market for these types of issues. With medium sized rugs (4’x6’-7’x10’) - Choose a Dual Purpose rug pad if you’re looking for both cushion and grip or a Pure Grip rug pad if you prefer to keep rugs lying flush with your floors. All rugs within this size typically need a non slip rug pad, unless anchored down by furniture. With larger rugs, 7’x10’ and larger - You can choose any rug pad for these sizes. Most larger rugs that tend to lay flat on their own may not need a non slip rug pad and thus may only need a Pure Cushion pad, such as our 100% felt or memory foam rug pad for added cushion. Thinner, lower pile rugs such as flatweaves should always use a non slip rug pad regardless of rug size to help promote rug evenness and prevent bunching that can occur.

  • Which of your non-skid rug pads are recommended on hardwood floors?

    All of our non slip padding is tested and approved for use on wood floors. This includes polyurethane and other glossy floor finishes such as polyurethane. Our pads are specifically designed to avoid marring, staining and stripping issues that can occur with many lower cost imports. We always ask that you follow your flooring manufacturer's instructions and wait for proper curing times.

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