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Econo Lock Natural

A simple non-slip rug pad made with natural rubber, not plastic

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Super Lock Natural

Better gripping rug pad made with more natural rubber for extra gripping power

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Nature's Grip

Our best gripping pad is also our most eco-friendly

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Natural Rubber Rug Pads

Natural rubber outgrips and outperforms most traditional plastic padding, and is a more sustainable alternative to PVC and plastic rug pads. It is also safer on most floor finishes than PVC (aside from certain vinyl finishes that may not be suitable to combine with rubber). This is especially true with imported plastic padding, which often contain plasticizers harmful to many floor finishes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Natural Rubber vs. PVC rug pads?

    Natural Rubber grips and performs better than most pvc and plastic alternatives. Unlike plastic padding, natural rubber will grip your floors, rather than stick to your floors. Natural is the safe and sustainable alternative to harmful PVC plastic padding. Natural Rubber pads protect floors from sticking and staining onto its surface while lending better friction for a strong, natural grip.

  • What is Natural Rubber?

    Natural rubber comes from real rubber trees and is a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional pvc and plastic padding. Natural rubber is safer with more flooring surfaces and is guaranteed never to stain or discolor floor surfaces.

  • Which Natural Rubber rug pad has the best grip?

    Both Super Lock Natural and Nature’s Grip have the same level of gripping power. Super Lock Natural rug pad offer slightly more cushion.

  • Will your Natural Rubber rug pads stick to my flooring?

    No. Our rug and carpet pads are specifically engineered to avoid common issues such as floor staining and stripping. Generally rug pads that stick, stain, or mar flooring are made with low-quality materials.

  • Do your rug pads produce any odors?

    Our rug pads will not mold or mildew and are completely odor-free. We always make sure all of our rug pads have been properly aired and cured before shipping.

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