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Super Lock Natural

Classic non-slip rug pad made with over 1lb of natural rubber per sq yard

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Nature's Grip

Our most eco friendly non slip rug pad - made with 100% natural rubber and plant jute

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Contour Lock

Best overall value for subtle cushioning and reliable gripping power

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Superior Lock 1/4"

Cushioned felt combined with a reinforced natural rubber backing

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Eco Plush 3/8"

Dense felt pad with generous cushioning for use with larger rugs that don’t require a non-slip pad

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Cloud Comfort 7/16"

Dreamy cushioning that comes from 100% visco elastic memory foam, the same found in quality mattresses

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Add cushion and prevent spills from reaching your floors with this 100% water resistant pad

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Rug Pads for Stone & Tile Floors

The Best Rug Pads for Stone & Tile Floors

Stone and tile surfaces, while resilient, can be glossed and slippery leaving rugs uneven on your floor finishes. We recommend felt, felt and rubber, and natural rubber rug pads for tile floors, securing and supporting your rugs while preserving your stone and tile floor.

Rug Pads by Tile Type

All of our rug pad recommendations for tile and stone floors should be safe for all types of tile or stone including ceramic tile, porcelain tile, and natural stone. However, we recommend double-checking with your floor manufacturer to see what rug pad material they recommend. That being said, here are our recommendations for some of the most common types of tile flooring.

The Best Area Rug Pad for Tile Flooring

If you have an 8x10 rug or larger, you'll likely want to be considering rug padding above anything else. With larger rugs, getting a non slip pad won't be as important as getting a cushioned pad because the rug will be heavier and you can anchor it with furniture.

At the same time, a large rug can make your bedroom or living room extra cozy with comfortable padding so you can feel comfortable even sitting on the rug. This is especially important on a hard floor like tile because it can be especially uncomfortable without that extra padding. Consider getting a thick felt rug pad or memory foam rug pad.

Our recommendations for a thick, cushioned rug pad? Check out our Eco PlushCloud Comfort, or SpillTech rug pads.

Rug Pads for Smaller Rugs on Tile Floor

With smaller rugs like a 4x6 rug, entryway rug, kitchen rug, or runner rug, getting a thinner rug pad with grip should be your priority. These types of rugs often aren't ideal for a thick rug pad because they can pose a tripping hazard or get caught on doors.

With a non slip rug pad, you'll also be able to keep your rug exactly where you want it without having to use added tricks like rug gripper or rug tape.

General rug pads will often have some form of slip resistance, but our pads like the Super Lock NaturalNature's Grip, and Superior Lock are specially designed to grip the hard surface and keep your rug secure.

Unlike polyester blend pads, Nature's Grip uses slip resistant webbed material with all-natural jute and rubber fibers for a low-profile, grippy, and eco-friendly option.

Super Lock Natural is a 100% natural rubber rug pad with a waffle design to facilitate airflow and create cushioning without a high profile.

Rug Pads for Different Flooring Types

Need a pre cut pad that can work overtime for you on multiple different floor types? Many of our rug pads are safe for other flooring types including hard flooring like vinyl flooring and wood floor, or soft floors like carpet.

Customer Questions & Answers

  • Do I need a non-slip pad or a cushion pad?

    Non-slip pads are best for high-traffic areas such as foyers and hallways, where thin rugs and runners are prone to slipping and sliding. Our cushion pads add a plush layer for large rugs already anchored by furniture, such as living and dining rooms. Should you decide you need a degree of both grip and cushioning, opt for a felt and rubber pad.

  • How should I measure my rug for a rug pad?

    We recommend to start with the width followed by the length of the rug. You do not need to include any fringes or tassels as this can throw off the measurement of the pad. We always recommend to round to nearest half inch for all measurements to get the best fitting pad for your rug.

  • Which rug pads are best for shag rugs?

    We would recommend a felt and rubber pad like RugPro, Contour Lock or Superior Lock. If you want a low profile option, RugPro is the best fit. If you would like to add a some cushioning, Contour Lock or Superior Lock is recommended.

  • Are any of your rug pads waterproof? Will they mold or mildew over time?

    All of our rug pads can sustain some level of water exposure without harming performance. However, the only pads that contain spill proof moisture barriers that will prevent liquids from reaching your floors are SpillTech, Anchor Grip and Cloud Comfort rug pads. These will preventing pet urine or spills from reaching your floors.

  • When do you recommend a thin pad over a thick one?

    Thicker rug pads add an extra layer of cushioning between your area rug and flooring. Thinner carpet pads are better for gripping in high traffic areas. We typically recommend thicker rug pads for larger room rugs and lower profile pads for high traffic areas, however in the end it’s a personal preference of the consumer.

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