Anchor Grip Rug Pads for Laminate Floors
Anchor Grip
Anchor Grip Rug Pads for Hardwood Floors
Anchor Grip

Anchor Grip

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Product Description

A fitting companion to high-maintenance high-end rugs, Anchor Grip is a low-profile rug pad with exceptional traction. Its solid (vs. open-weave) construction puts more padding in contact with your floors, thereby delivering maximum gripping power, floor protection and a comfortable level of cushioning.

Anchor Grip’s use of soybean oils & bio based fillers lends a better grip while protecting floors -- sustainably. Unlike many imported pads, Anchor Grip doesn’t contain harmful plasticizers, such as phthalates, that can react with certain floor finishes.

Maximum roll width is 12 feet. All pads wider than 12 feet will be cut-to-order in equal pieces.

Key Features

ORIGIN: Made in the USA

MATERIAL: Soybean oil-based polymer blend

BEST FOR: High-end area rugs; smaller rugs and runners prone to slipping; hot and humid climates

ATTRIBUTES: Pure Grip; Waterproof; safe for all hardwood floors and finishes (including polyurethane), laminates, tile, marble, stone, concrete, and heated floors; manufactured with plant-based rather than petroleum-based oils; mold and mildew resistant

WARRANTY: 20 Years

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What floor types is anchor grip safe to use with?

    Anchor Grip is safe for all floors and finishes as long as you follow your flooring manufacturer's instructions and wait for proper curing times. This includes hardwood, polyurethane finishes, concrete, stone, and tile.

    With lower cost floor finishes such as vinyl and laminate, or less common floor finishes such as stained, waxed, acrylic, lacquered and linoleum - be sure to check with your flooring manufacturer to ensure if a vinyl rug pad can be used safely. Our pads are engineered and tested comprehensively to avoid issues with staining and stripping, however, some vinyl and laminate flooring manufacturers may void your warranty if you don’t use a rug pad they recommend. Some recommend using a rubber rug pad while others recommend using a vinyl rug pad.

  • What types of rugs does Anchor Grip work well with?

    Anchor grip works well with all types of rugs and rug sizes. Anchor Grip’s low profile, solid design works well with hallway runners and rugs in high traffic areas.

  • Is Anchor Grip made in the USA?

    Yes. Anchor Grip, like all our rug pads, is made in the USA.

  • What are the benefits of a solid design pattern vs open weave styled rug pads?

    There’s very little difference between a solid patterned rug pad vs an open weave rug pad with regards to performance. A solid rug pad puts more padding in contact with your floors, thus giving an edge with regards to floor protection. On the other hand, open weave rug pads such as Super Lock Natural provide more airflow and thus will pick up more dirt while vacuuming (Dirt is the #1 cause of rug degradation). A solid rug pad will also help prevent liquids from reaching your floors with spills and pet urine.

  • Does the solid design in this rug pad affect its breathability?

    Anchor Grip is needle-punched during the manufacturing process in order to allow air to flow between your rug and floor.

  • Could you trim this rug pad with a scissor?

    Rug Pad USA offers hassle-free, full custom cut services free of charge. Just enter your rug’s dimensions before adding the product to your cart. Regardless, Anchor Grip can be easily trimmed with scissors.

  • Does Anchor Grip come with any odors?

    No. Anchor Grip will not smell. Anchor Grip is made with higher quality low off gassing materials, including bio based oils and fillers.

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