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Low profile, high performance rug pad designed to keep rugs lying flush with floors

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Contour Lock

Best overall value for subtle cushioning and reliable gripping power

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Superior Lock

Our most comfortable non-skid pad, made with a reinforced natural rubber backing

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Felt and Rubber Rug Pads

The combination of felt and rubber makes for some of the most comfortable and highest- performing rug pads. A cushioned felt surface layer lends long-lasting cushioning underneath your rug, while a reinforced natural rubber backing offers exceptional gripping power that anchors it firmly to your floor.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between your Felt + Rubber rug pads?

    Both of our Felt + Rubber rug pads are Dual Purpose pads, designed to offer high levels of both cushioning and grip. Superior lock is thicker than contour lock, thus offering more cushion if your looking to maximize comfort. Superior Lock also has a textured reinforced backing that offers slightly more grip than Contour Lock. Therefore, go with Contour Lock if you for a more flush look with moderate cushioning and Superior Lock if your looking to really maximize cushion.

  • Are your Felt + Rubber pads safe to use on hardwood floors?

    Yes. Our Felt + Rubber rug pads are tested and approved for use on all types of hardwood floors. Just make sure you follow flooring manufacturer's instructions and don’t use any rug pads for approximately 2-4 weeks after refinishing your floors.

  • What materials are used in your “felt”?

    Our felt is comprised of leftover yarn, wool, and miscellaneous carpet fibers.

  • Are your Felt + Rubber rug pads Eco-Friendly?

    Yes. Felt and rubber rug pads are eco-friendly. Our felt is sourced from the top carpet manufacturers, tested by The Carpet and Rug Institute to ensure for low VOC emissions. Our felt is then gently heat pressed to Natural Rubber rather than using traditional glues or adhesives.

  • Do your rug pads produce any odors?

    Our rug pads will not mold or mildew and are completely odor-free. We always make sure all of our rug pads have been properly aired and cured before shipping.

  • What floor types can Felt + Rubber be used on?

    Felt and rubber rug pads are safe for all standard floors and finishes, with the rare exception of some newer vinyl finished floors who recommend using a vinyl pad (Comfort Grip or Anchor Grip). Natural rubber is one of the safest materials you can use on your floors and we have never had any issues with floor staining or stripping.

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