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Our strongest gripping non slip rug pad - made with natural rubber and felt

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Contour Lock

Best overall value for subtle cushioning and reliable gripping power

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Superior Lock 1/4"

Cushioned felt combined with a reinforced natural rubber backing

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Superior Lock 7/16"

Our thickest non-slip pad combines the best of both cushion & grip

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Felt and Rubber Rug Pads

Finding the Best Natural Rubber and Felt Rug Pad

The combination of felt and rubber makes for some of the most comfortable and highest performing rug pads.

Why? A cushioned felt surface layer lends long-lasting cushioning underneath your rug, while a reinforced natural rubber backing offers exceptional gripping power that anchors it firmly to your floor. Whether you have an area rug that likes to move or a hallway runner that needs some extra padding, we can help you find the right rug pad that will keep your rugs, floors, and feet happy.

Why Combine Felt and Natural Rubber?

When you have a felt pad, you get a quality rug pad that grips your rug, provides plenty of padding and protects your hard surface floor. The downfall? A felt rug pad won't grip your hard floor.

On the other hand, a rubber rug pad like our all-natural rubber pads is a fantastic non slip rug pad and is safe for wood floor and other hard surface floors. But a natural rubber rug pad is a thinner rug pad that won't provide as much comfort or padding.

Now combine both these materials and you've got a pad that ticks all the boxes. Unlike some cheaper rug pads that use adhesive to stick the materials together or use synthetic rubber instead of natural rubber, we gently heat press our recycled felt to the natural rubber. This means you get a fully eco-friendly rug pad with low VOC emissions.

When to Use a Natural Rubber and Felt Rug Pad

We can't lie: Using a natural rubber and felt pad is often a pretty solid choice, but there are situations that are really ideal for them and other times when another choice might be better.

Smaller Rugs

Smaller rugs are more prone to slipping and moving around, so the rubber grip is essential. In some cases, like if you want a very low-profile pad, you might want to go with just a rubber rug pad, but many times getting that combo of felt and natural rubber will be ideal.

This way, you'll benefit from a non slip pad, while still enjoying the luxury of a thick rug pad if you want it. Even if you do want a thin rug pad, something like our RugPro might be ideal for you because it has natural rubber to grip the flooring, while the felt holds onto the rug fibers to keep the rug on the pad.

A Small Area Rug

With a larger area rug, you likely won't need too much gripping power in your area rug pad because the weight of the rug and any furniture on the rug will anchor it. (In this case, you might want to check out some of our extra luxurious memory foam pads or our 100% felt rug pads.)

With a small area rug though, you may still want a non slip rug pad because they can sometimes still move around especially on slippery floors like hardwood flooring or tile.

Thin Rugs

Thin, lighter rugs are prime suspects for unauthorized sliding around or getting eaten by a vacuum cleaner. With a grippy mat like a natural rubber and felt rug pad anchoring it, you can protect your rug and make it feel like a million bucks.

Customer Questions & Answers

  • Do I need a non-slip pad or a cushion pad?

    Non-slip pads are best for high-traffic areas such as foyers and hallways, where thin rugs and runners are prone to slipping and sliding. Our cushion pads add a plush layer for large rugs already anchored by furniture, such as living and dining rooms. Should you decide you need a degree of both grip and cushioning, opt for a felt and rubber pad.

  • What rug pad is best for sisal rugs on hardwood floors, in front of doors?

    We would suggest RugPro. It's a felt and rubber pad that's only 1/16th of an inch thick.

  • Are your felt + rubber pads safe to use on hardwood floors?

    Yes. Our Felt + Rubber rug pads are tested and approved for use on all types of hardwood floors. Just make sure you follow flooring manufacturer's instructions and don’t use any rug pads for approximately 2-4 weeks after refinishing your floors.

  • Do your rug pads produce any odors?

    Our rug pads will not mold or mildew and are completely odor-free. We always make sure all of our rug pads have been properly aired and cured before shipping.

  • Are your felt + rubber rug pads eco-friendly?

    Yes. Felt and rubber rug pads are eco-friendly. Our felt is sourced from the top carpet manufacturers and has low VOC emissions. During our manufacturing process the felt is then gently heat pressed to Natural Rubber rather than using traditional glues or adhesives.

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