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Super Lock Natural

Classic non-slip rug pad made with over 1lb of natural rubber per sq yard

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Nature's Grip

Our most eco friendly non slip rug pad - made with 100% natural rubber and plant jute

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Contour Lock

Best overall value for subtle cushioning and reliable gripping power

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Superior Lock 1/4"

Cushioned felt combined with a reinforced natural rubber backing

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Eco Plush 3/8"

Dense felt pad with generous cushioning for use with larger rugs that don’t require a non-slip pad

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Eco-Friendly Rug Pads

Eco-Friendly rug pads are safer for your floors and help reduce harmful VOC’s in your home. Indoor air is approximately 5x more polluted than outdoor air, which is derived from the items we use in our home.

Customer Questions & Answers

  • What is your felt material composed of? We are allergic to wool and want to know if the Eco Plush pad has wool in it.

    It is made of 100% recycled felt and yarn fibers.

  • I bought an 8' round 1/2” thick propylene rug for an engineered hardwood floor. I don't want the back of the rug emitting chemicals onto the floor and wonder what pad you recommend. Also, will the rug’s edges ruin the floor if the pad is cut 1" shorter?

    I think you will be fine with the cut, but I really can't speak for the rug you bought. I would suggest a dual purpose pad, such as the Superior Lock. It is made of recycled felt and natural rubber and offers both gripping and cushioning.

  • Can you please tell me the content of the Eco Plush pad? I have a highly sensitive child and need to know what it contains.

    Our Eco Plush pad is made of 100% pre-consumer unused carpet fibers and yarn. There are no chemicals, glues or adhesives and it is non-toxic and odor-free.

  • Do your mats produce chemical odors? I am concerned about the safety of our 2-year-old daughter.

    All our products are environmentally friendly and don’t produce any odors or smells. They are completely safe for use in homes.

  • I want a pad to go under my daughter's drum kit. We have a thin drum rug and were advised to get a 3/4” thick pad. Also, my daughter is allergic to dust mites so a pad that discourages dust would be best. I also want the most eco-friendly pad we can buy.

    Our Superior Lock 7/16" pad does a fantastic job of reducing noise levels within homes. This felt and natural rubber pad is eco-friendly and mildew resistant so dust mites are not really a huge factor.

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