Which non skid rug pads work with which rug types?

For smaller rugs and runner rugs, we recommend choosing a rug pad from our Pure Grip category, such as Anchor Grip, Super Lock Natural, or Nature’s Grip. Smaller rugs in high traffic areas are tougher to keep anchored, our pure grip pads are the best gripping rug pads on the market for these types of issues.

With medium sized rugs (4’x6’-7’x10’) - Choose a Dual Purpose rug pad if you’re looking for both cushion and grip or a Pure Grip rug pad if you prefer to keep rugs lying flush with your floors. All rugs within this size typically need a non slip rug pad, unless anchored down by furniture.

With larger rugs, 7’x10’ and larger - You can choose any rug pad for these sizes. Most larger rugs that tend to lay flat on their own may not need an non slip rug pad and thus may only need a Pure Cushion pad, such as our 100% felt or memory foam rug pad for added cushion. Thinner, lower pile rugs such as flatweaves should always use a non slip rug pad regardless of rug size to help promote rug evenness and prevent bunching that can occur.