What’s that difference between your non slip rug pads vs other low cost plastic rug pads?

A quality rug pad will “grip” your floors rather than “stick” to your floors. The materials we use, such as natural rubber, which won’t stick and stain floors over an extended period. Our rug pads are made in the USA and we are very careful about what materials we use in our rug pads. Many overseas manufacturers will use cheap chemical fillers which can react with certain floor finishes. One particular example, is the use of phthalates, a class of toxic chemicals used in PVC pads to provide flexibility, which will react very poorly with certain floor finishes.

Our non skid rug pads are made either made with natural rubber or a biobased polymer coating. Both of these materials have a much stronger coefficient of friction than standard PVC resulting in much better gripping power.

Traditional PVC padding often looses it’s shape & volume over the years and will eventually flatten and bottom out.