What is the difference between your Vinyl pads vs others?

We’ve engineered our vinyl pads to avoid common issues found with existing imported vinyl and PVC padding, such a floor staining, stripping, sticking, and bottoming out.

Our pads are designed specifically to avoid sticking to floors - constructed with more of a matte finish rather than glossy finish.

The polymer coating is specifically formulated for enhanced durability and mar resistance while simultaneously improving degradation properties. We are one of the only manufacturers who manufacture our vinyl pads in the USA, which allows us full control over the materials used in our padding. Many imported vinyl rug pads are blended with chemicals/plasticizers that may react with certain floor finishes. One example of this is the use of Phthalates, a chemical used to soften vinyl, that can be very harmful for your floors (and your home).

Our vinyl pads are very dense, engineered specifically to resist compression - which means when you walk over them, they will conform to your feet rather than flattening or bottoming out, eliminating cushion potential.