How thick should my rug pad be for my laminate floors?

The thickness of your rug pad should depend on which issues you wish to address with your rug.

For small rugs and hallway runners, it’s best to go with a strong gripping rug pad with less cushion, as a thicker pad may cause people to trip. Our Pure Grip pads include Nature’s Grip, Super Lock Natural, and Anchor Grip.

Moderately sized rugs, 3’x5’ to 6’x9’ require a non slip rug pad. You should choose a Pure Grip rug pad if cushion is not a priority, and a Dual Purpose pad for cushion and grip.

For larger rugs (7’x10’+) that are often anchored down with furniture, a pure cushion pad such as Eco Fiber or Cloud Comfort offers varying levels of comfort for rugs that may not need a non slip rug pad. Some larger rugs, often thinner rugs such as flat woven rugs and other thin area rugs require non slip support and will buckle and wrinkle without a non slip pad. A dual purpose pad is a fantastic pair with thinner rugs, providing the cushioned support needed while promoting rug evenness.