Which rug pads are best for hardwood floors?

We manufacture all of our padding with hardwood floors in mind. Thus, all of our pads work well with hardwood floors. Choosing the best rug pad for hardwood floors will depend on how much cushioning you prefer and how much grip you need. Typically we recommend the following:

Smaller rugs, scatter rugs, and runner rugs - A pure grip rug pad (lower profile, higher grip) is recommended, given that these rugs are typically in higher traffic areas (hallways and entryways) and are more difficult to anchor down. Dual purpose pads will also work with rugs wider than 2ft, but be wary that padding thicker than ¼’’ may raise rugs too high off the ground, causing people to trip.

For the middle group (rug sizes 4’x6’ to 6’x9’) - You should choose between a dual purpose or pure grip pad. If cushioning is important to you, then you should opt for a dual purpose pad. If you don’t want cushion or if rug thickness is an issue, then I would opt for a pure grip pad. Pure cushion rug pads won’t offer enough grip at this size and should only be used if rugs plan on being anchored down with furniture.

Larger rugs (8’ x 10’ and larger) - Any one of our pads will work with rugs at this size on hardwood. With larger rugs, you will need to decide if your rug needs cushion, grip, or both. Large rugs that are anchored down or tend to lay flat on their own may only require a pure cushion pad. Larger rugs that may buckle & wrinkle. Predominantly thinner rugs such as flatweaves and Orientals will benefit from having a non slip rug pad (A dual purpose felt & rubber pad is our #1 recommendation for these types of rugs to add support and cushioned underfoot).