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Are your rug pads safe for my floors?

Yes, our rug pads are safe for all indoor flooring surfaces as long as you follow your flooring manufacturers instructions and proper curing times are met. If you are refinishing floors, it’s best to wait at least 30 days before using a rug pad.

How long does it take for my rug pad to get to me?

If your order is placed before 2pm EST, we will custom cut and ship out your rug pad that same day. For all orders placed after 2pm EST, your package will ship out the following day.

Check out our shipping options for an estimate on how long it will take for your delivery to get to your home. Expedited shipping is available for an additional fee.

All shipping estimates are based on the date of shipment, not the date of order, and only include business days.

Where are your products made?

We manufacture our rug pads domestically in Georgia, and cut them in our warehouse in CT. American manufacturing gives us better control over what actually goes into our rug pads while keeping jobs here at home.

Do you custom cut your rug pads?

Yes, we professionally custom cut our rug pads to fit any rug dimension.  All of our rug pads are cut directly from the roll by a trained staff member.

Before adding a product to your cart, all you need to do is enter your rug's size and shape. We will take between 1-1.5’’ off all sides, depending on how thick the pad is. All of this will be detailed for you after you fill out the product form. If you have a more complex request, you’re free to offer alternative cutting instructions ("special instructions") as well.

What size rug pad do I need for my rug?

Simply enter your rug’s exact dimensions and we will cut your pad 1” to 1.5’’ shorter than your rug’s size. With thicker rug pads, we take 1.5’’ off on all sides and with lower profile pads we take 1’’ off on all sides, enough to keep the pad hidden from view.

Which rug pad is best for my rug?

Each rug pad has varying benefits depending on your rug type. Large rugs and carpeting may only require a Pure Cushion rug pad whereas smaller area and runner rugs may need a Pure Grip or Dual Purpose pad to keep your rug from slipping out of place.


Which rug types work well with RugPro?

RugPro is one of our most versatile pads and can be used with all rug types and styles. With smaller rugs and runner rugs, RugPro will add the safety of a non-slip grip without the bulk of a thicker pad. With larger rugs, RugPro will add layer of floor protection while keeping your rug in place. RugPro, like all felt and rubber rug pads, work really well with low pile rugs, such as flat weaves. RugPro also works well with wool, tufted, knotted, and hooked rugs.

Is RugPro safe on all hard surface flooring?

RugPro is safe for all floors and finishes as long as you follow your flooring manufacturer's instructions and wait for proper curing times. With odd floor finishes, such as waxed, polished, vinyl, lacquered, and acrylic, be sure to check with your flooring manufacturer as some will recommend using a natural rubber pad while others will recommend using a vinyl pad.

What is a waterproof rug pad?

A waterproof rug pad creates a spill proof barrier which prevents spills from reaching your floors. Our SpillTech rug pad has a spill proof moisture barrier which will prevent liquids from reaching floors temporarily without trapping moisture underneath your rugs. This gives you enough time to come in and clean up things such as pet urine stains and accidental spills before they end up reaching your floors.

Which rug pads are not safe for hardwood floors?

Most of the rug pads on the market are made with low quality plastics that contain toxic chemicals that can react with your wood floor finishes. These pads are made designed “stick” to your floors in order to keep your rugs in place. However, over long periods of time, the plasticizers used in these types of pads can react with the finishes on your floors – which can adhere to or permanently stain your floors. Most of these imported PVC pads usually don’t have a warranty and contain some type of disclaimer of some sort, removing the manufacturer of any floor damage liability. They often provide a short term solution a that may have long term consequences.

This is a major concern and one of our most often asked questions, as the last thing you want to do as a homeowner is refinish or replace your hardwood floors due to rug pad damage.

What is a Dual Purpose rug pad? When would I need one?

A Dual Purpose rug pad offers both grip and protective cushioning for area rugs. Works great with thin rugs that tend to slip out of place and need an extra layer of support. Rugs that tend to bunch at their corners or knot up do well with Dual Purpose rug pads.

What are the differences between your Dual Purpose rug pads?

Superior Lock is best gripping and most cushioned rug pad that we offer. A RugPadUSA exclusive checkered natural rubber backing provides unparalleled gripping power fused with a layer of recycled felt for cushioned support.

Contour Lock fuses both felt and natural rubber together for long lasting support that lends a tough grip with exceptional cushioning.

Comfort Grip offers tough non-slip traction and long term cushion. Manufactured using a soybean oil based polymer blend rather than synthetic petroleum oils. A waffle-styled design lends excellent cushioning that won't flatten out over time.

What is the difference between your Pure Cushion pads?

Cloud Comfort is our 100% visco-elastic memory foam rug pad designed to provide the maximum amount of cushioning and luxury underfoot.

Eco Plush is our 100% Felt rug pad that lends unbeatable and durable cushioning for larger rugs. Using recycled felt, Eco Plush is an eco-friendly and sustainable rug pad for your home and the earth.

SpillTech is designed with Scotchguard's Advanced Repel Technology for those looking to maximize cushioning while keeping stains at a minimum, making cleanup a breeze.

What is a Pure Grip rug pad? And when would I need one?

Pure Grip is a collection of our strongest gripping pads we offer. These rug pads aim to keep rugs anchored firmly in place without any slipping or bunching. Pure Grip rug pads are best for runner, hallway, and area rugs that tend to knot up or slide out of place.

What is the difference between your Pure Grip pads?

Our Nature’s Grip pad provides a strong grip with less cushioning. Made with handwoven jute fibers and natural rubber, Nature’s Grip is also our most eco-friendly rug pad.

Super Lock Natural has more cushioning than Nature’s Grip with a waffle-style design for extended airflow and gripping abilities.

Anchor Grip has the most cushioning out of the three Pure Grip rug pads. Its solid design allows for more touch points between the pad and surface.

Which rug pads are best for runner rugs?

Typically, the best runner rug pads are low profile, high performance rug pads. We recommend Pure Grip rug pads with runner rugs which include Anchor Grip, Super Lock Natural, and Nature’s Grip. Super Lock Natural is often our #1 recommendation for runners as it provides the most gripping power.

Which of your rug pad are eco-friendly?

Every rug pad we manufacture has some level of eco-friendly benefits built in. They are as follows:

Our Cloud Comfort rug pads are GreenGuard certified meaning they are completely free of formaldehyde, PBDE’s, triclosan and other damaging chemicals. Cloud Comfort is also manufactured using 100% soybean oils rather than petro based oils and contributes to LEED credits.

Our Comfort Grip and Anchor Grip pads are made with 100% natural soybean oils (vs petro oils).

The felt we source for our Contour Lock and Superior Lock rug pads is LEED certified for low emissions and innovation in design. The rubber backing is made with natural rubber sourced from real rubber trees in Southeast Asia, resulting a in extremely low VOC’s.

Our Eco Plush pad is GREEN PLUS certified, LEED Certified, and MBDC Cradle-to-Cradle Certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute.

Our Super Lock Natural and Nature’s Grip rug pads are produced with natural rubber harvested from real rubber trees. Nature’s Grip also uses a 100% felt jute scrim in combination with a natural rubber coating.

Which rug pads are the most eco-friendly?

Nature’s Grip is the most eco-friendly non-slip carpet pad, as it combines naturally occurring rubber and plant jute. Superior Lock, Contour Lock, and Eco Plush are also very eco-friendly as they only contain natural rubber and/or felt materials.

Why are natural rubber and recycled felt better than traditional PVC padding?

Natural Rubber is the safe and sustainable alternative to the majority of PVC & plastic padding which exists on the market. PVC can contain off-gassing materials, such as phthalates which contribute to indoor air pollution.

Recycled Felt provides powerful protection and cushioning that will not flatten or crush over time. Felt jute fibers are fused together using a gentle heat-pressing technique.

What are the benefits of using soundproof rug pads?

These thick and dense pads will create a buffer, preventing noise from coming in and out. With apartment living, these pads will cut out noise from the neighbors below you. On the contrary, these pads will improve acoustics by keeping noise trapped within your apartment, keeping your neighbors below happy. In households, a soundproof rug pad will help reduce floor creaking while improving overall acoustics.

What is the difference between your soundproof rug pads?

Eco Plush is our Eco-Friendly, 100% Recycled Felt carpet pad that lends superior cushioning and protection for your rug and flooring. Compact felt dampens sounds from traveling through flooring.

Cloud Comfort is our 100% Visco-Elastic rug pad that provides a memory foam feel underfoot while blocking everyday noise.

Superior Lock is a Dual Purpose rug pad and the only non-slip rug pad in the group. Ideal if you're looking to reduce noise with rugs that require a non-slip pad.

Do you offer returns on Custom Cut rug pads?

We do! We offer free 30 day returns on all of our rug pads. If for any reason you're unhappy with your purchase, you may return your rug pads to us for a full refund. We’ll even cover the return shipping costs.

What about odd or uneven sizes?

If you have an odd or uneven size rug, there is a box before you add to cart for “special instructions”. Here you enter how you would like your rug pad to be cut. For example, if you would like nothing taken off the sides, you can mention “please cut to size” or something similar. With uneven rugs, you may enter the exact width at each end and one of our professional staff members will adjust accordingly. We receive similar requests on a recurring basis and should be able to handle your custom trimming requests without issue.

Which floors is Nature’s Grip safe to use on?

Nature’s Grip is safe for all floors and finishes as long as you follow your flooring manufacturer’s instructions and wait for proper curing times. With less common floor finishes such as vinyl, acrylic, lacquered, waxed tile, and linoleum, we recommend you check with your flooring manufacturer to ensure that natural rubber can be used. Some of these manufacturers will recommend natural rubber while others will recommend a vinyl non slip pad.

Which floors is Super Lock Natural safe with?

Super Lock Natural is made with 100% natural rubber, which is safe to use on all types of floors and finishes as long as you follow flooring manufacturer's instructions and proper curing times are met. With odd floor finishes such as vinyl, lacquered, acrylic, waxed, and linoleum floors, check with your flooring manufacturer to determine whether a natural rubber pad should be used. With these odd finishes, some flooring manufacturers will recommend a rubber rug pad while others may recommend using a vinyl rug pad.

What thickness is recommended when purchasing an Eco Plush rug pad?

Eco Plush is available in three thicknesses: ¼“, ⅜“, ½“. Our thicker sizes provide a heavier layer of cushioning and support for those looking to maximize feel and comfort. Our thinner ¼“ pad is perfect for those looking for moderate cushion while enjoying the floor protection benefits that come with a 100% felt rug pad.

Which rug types work well with Eco Plush?

Eco Plush is our most popular pad for rugs 7’x10’ and larger. Most larger rugs are anchored down with furniture, and thus often don’t require a non-slip pad. Felt rug pads are great for adding a dense layer of comfort under larger room rugs while also providing floor protection, insulation, and acoustical benefits.

How much smaller should a felt rug pad be compared to my rug?

Felt pads are a bit thicker and denser than your typical rubber rug pads. Therefore, we cut your pad 1 - 1.5 inches smaller than your rug. Felt rug pads are very difficult to trim at home. Make sure to enter your exact dimensions to have one of our staff members cut your pad to fit your rug.

Is Superior Lock safe for my floors?

Superior Lock is made with a reinforced natural rubber backing and is designed to avoid common problems such as floor staining or sticking that can occur with many traditional plastic pads. Natural rubber is made to grip floors rather than stick to floors. Natural rubber contains very low off gassing properties when compared to imported PVC, which can often contain plasticizers that can react with your floor finish or end up sticking to floors. Always be sure to follow your flooring manufacturer's instructions and wait at least one month after refinishing your floors before putting down pads.

Which rug types work well with Superior Lock?

Superior Lock is our signature felt + rubber pad and works well with all rug types. With smaller rugs and runner rugs in high traffic areas, we recommend choosing a thinner size, as a thicker pad might cause too much lift on rugs causing people to trip.
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