How to Style a Rug in the Bedroom, According to Experts

How to Style a Rug in the Bedroom, According to Experts

Area rugs are the grounding element to most designed spaces and aside from the bedroom décor and furniture, the right rug will complete the look of a bedroom.

Comfort and design are major considerations in any bedroom layout.

An plush wool rug prevents cold feet in the morning while an Oriental rug or Persian rug will add a touch of accent and color to any living space.

Not only that, but the right size rug, whether it is a small rug or one that takes up most of the room, also helps with how big or small a room looks.

There is a lot to consider when it comes to rugs for a bedroom so we talked to folks about their top tips that people need to know about.

10 tips on how to style a rug in the bedroom

1. Think about how the rug will be used

Tip by Amira Johnson of Emerald Doors

Sometimes it is best to think about form over function. Though you might love the look and appearance of an ivory rug, it will become dirty in no time. Keep in mind that you have to be able to keep up with cleaning light-colored rugs. Instead, opt for a medium-toned rug that blends well with the rest of your furniture and wall paint.

Personally, I do not believe that oval and round shapes look good in a bedroom. These rugs shapes are more suitable in a living room rug and under the dining table in the dining room. For a bedroom, opt for a rectangular rug or square-shaped rugs. These go very well with the shape of the bed.

Also, the material of the bedroom rug is important. If you live in a cold area, check out a wool rug or a shag rug to help keep your feet warm. A jute rug may not seem appropriate for a bedroom, but if you are trying to get a boho look, it may work. If keeping a rug clean is important to you, buying a machine washable one would work better. These kinds of rugs are more readily available now and come in a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes.

2. Prepare your rug for your pets

Tip by Kevin Cook of Love of Paws

For pet owners, area rug placement can be extremely irrelevant. Living with four cats has taught me that they love playing with the rug, so whatever placement you decide, it is worth invest in a rug pad to make sure your pets do not push them around. Proper rug pads are extremely effective against movement and you won't find yourself readjusting them all the time to make them straight.

3. Don't think that bigger is better

Tip by Erin Felder of Design by ME

With bedroom rug placement it is important to ensure that you cover a large enough floor space to showcase the rug but also allow for functionality. For example, if a thick rug is placed half under a nightstand it can create a lack of balance but when placed in front of the nightstand or all the way under it works perfectly.

But do not buy a large rug and cover every inch of your floor. Do try to maximize the size by allowing the furniture to sit on or touch the piece. If you have beautiful hardwood floors you should showcase them and not cover them up with a rug. Area rugs come in all shapes and sizes, but I love the look of how layering rectangular area rugs in slightly varying sizes can feel.

4. Choose the right size rug based on your bed

Tip by Hristiyana Bochkova of Fantastic Services

The size of your bedroom and your bed will determine the rug’s size. If you have a small room with not much space for furniture, the best you can do is to put down a runner rug. A runner rug is a much cheaper choice too. If you have a bigger bedroom with a bigger bed, you need to know that the best rug should extend at least two feet beyond the edge of the bed. This way, you can ensure your feet won’t hit the hardwood floor when you get up from bed.

A few tips to follow depending on your bed’s size:

  • Full-size bed ( 53” x 75”) - 6” x 9” rug size
  • Queen bed ( 60” x 80”) - 8” x 10” rug size
  • King bed size ( 76” x 80”) - 9” x 12” rug size
  • 5. The right rug based on the size of the room

    Tip by Aya Bradley of The Golden

    The rule of thumb when selecting a bedroom rug is that it should extend 18 to 24 inches beyond your bed's edges. But, if you have a small bedroom, opt for standard-sized rugs like a 6'x9' or a 5'x7'. Smaller design patterns are also better options for smaller rooms.

    When styling a rug in the master bedroom, make sure that its shape complements your bedroom layout, room size, décor, and furniture size. Medium and oversized rugs pair well with a king size bed, while small and medium-sized rugs are best for queen-sized beds.

    6. Play with the space under your bed

    Tip by Bernice Quek of HomeRenoGuru

    One of the most common ways to style a rug in the bedroom is to place a square or rectangular rug underneath the bed. Depending on your preference and room layout, you can choose to style it in various ways.

    If your bed is some distance away from the rest of your furniture, you can choose to:

    1. Place the entire rug under the bed
    2. Place the rug under ⅔ of the bed
    3. Place the rug under ⅓ of the bed

    On the other hand, if you have 1 or 2 nightstands beside your bed, you can place the rug under the entire bed together with the nightstands. This helps to highlight your furniture. In this case, you may need a larger rug.

    7. Think about what type of “feel” you want in your bedroom

    Tip by Shannon Serpette of The Design Home

    Pay attention to the “feel” you want, do you want a plush, luxurious feel to the rug, so you can enjoy the feel against your feet as you walk in your bedroom? Or would you prefer a flatweave rug with a show-stopping design? Both types of rugs can have a role in the bedroom -- you just have to decide what effect you’re going for.

    If symmetry is important to you, try buying a rug that is wider than your bed and then centering your bed on the rug. You’ll appreciate the even, grounded look this gives to your bedroom if you are a fan of symmetry.

    Consider using rug tape because rug tape can be especially important if you are prone to falls. If you’re getting older and starting to lose a bit of your balance, you can spare yourself from tripping over your rug or from rug slippage by using rug tape.

    8. Don't just go for the cheap stuff

    Tip by Andra DelMonico of Trendey

    The biggest mistake people make when buying a rug is that they try to save money by purchasing a smaller rug. The problem with this is that the rug ends up being too small for the room. For a rug to look right in your bedroom, it needs to extend at least 12 inches beyond twin or double and 18 inches beyond a king or queen.

    Don’t buy a statement rug with a beautiful pattern if you’re going to cover it up with the bed. This is a waste and hides the best part of the rug.

    9. Play with colors and layering

    Tip by Marc Smith of Cyrus Artisan Rugs

    The color of the rug should also be considered with area rug placement in a room. Some tips I could give when placing rugs is layering rugs and place a vividly patterned rug on a neutral-colored carpet, add a light-colored rug on top of a dark carpet, or place a dark-colored rug on a light-colored carpet.

    10. Play with shapes

    Tip by June Esclada of IllustratorHow

    If you want to place a rug on the side of the bed, I suggest going with a round rug. The small area rug contrasts with the rectangular nature of the bed and makes for a more interesting statement piece in a room.

    You always want your rug to hit that sweet spot where it’s eye-catching but blends in. A bedroom is all about comfort and rug placement plays a big part in that.

    If possible, choose the area rug first before choosing other things for the room like the bed, dresser, a coffee table, or furniture in the seating area.

    What type of rug will you choose for your bedroom?

    We can all agree that the bedroom is an essential part of any home, which is why comfort and ambiance should always be considered when shopping for bedroom furniture and accessories. Choosing the perfect rug and arranging it the right way can elevate and bedroom and make it a sanctuary to relax in. So which style will you choose?