Which Rug Pads Are Safest For Children?

Rumors about volatile organic compound emissions and chemicals seeping into the floor boards can put responsible parents off from buying a rug pad. You are doing your best to protect your child- why add more harmful ingredients into the mix?

It only takes a quick google search to see some of the harm that synthetic rug pads can do to a floor. If they do that to an inanimate object, what are they doing to your family's immune system?

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, VOCs can have short and long term negative impacts on health. Synthetic rug pads that contain PVCs are one of the culprits. Over time, they release gases that decrease your indoor air quality and increase the likelihood of developing breathing difficulties.

Your home’s air quality affects your child more

Children are in a constant state of growth. According to a pediatric environmental health study by the Center for Disease Control, that consistent development makes them a lot more susceptible to toxic exposure.

Our kids breathe more air than we do per pound of body weight and that makes the air quality of your home increasingly important. Natural rug pads made from eco-friendly and sustainable materials don't release harmful gases and are kinder on the lungs. As an added bonus, they increase air circulation underneath your rugs and prevent the development of dangerous mold and bacteria. 

Two types of rug pads are particularly well suited for young children: eco-friendly non slip rug pads and higher profile, cushioned rug pads. 

Eco friendly, non slip rug pads

Eco-friendly, non-slip rug pads like the contour lock limit your child’s exposure to harmful chemicals and keeps them from slipping during play.

Young kids in particular, explore their environment in a very physical way. Every new step is an adventure and every corner might be concealing a hidden treasure. By using a non-toxic rug pad you are making sure that their play can continue in relatively safety.

That way when Jacob's new favorite toy comes in contact with the rug pad and makes its way dangerously close to his mouth before you can snatch it away, you don't have to worry about chemical contamination. A non slip rug pad also keeps your rug firmly in place while Emily chases after Jacob. 

Greater cushioning equals greater protection

Superior Lock rug pad

Softer, cushioned rug pads like the superior lock add soundproofing and padding for the more energetic games of running, dropping toys on the floor and all out exploration.

A thicker rug pad also adds extra protection for the floor underneath. Young children turn into ninjas the second your back is turned even if it’s for the three seconds it takes you to pick up a toy from the floor or get the thirsty explorer a fresh cup of juice.

A dropped cup or toy can pierce and scratch floor surfaces like hardwood and vinylA thicker rug pad adds extra cushioning to catch those falling objects and protects the floor from dents.

Stable but soft enough for active play

Child playing on a soft surface

Softer rug pads encourage floor play and add further protection from injuries- it's as close to the softness of leaves as you can get indoors.

Rug pads that are eco friendly and made of natural materials such as felt, natural rubber or wool are not just good for the environment, they are child friendly. They provide protection and make your home a safer, happier place.