What Are The Best Rug Pads For Persian Style Rugs

Using rug pads underneath Persian style rugs provides a welcome buffer between them and the floor.

There’s something intensely romantic about Persian style rugs. The rich colors weaved through combined with intricate designs make them a great way to brighten up your living space or add a touch of character to your office. Traditionally weaved from sheep’s wool, the materials, style, color and techniques used to create them vary from region to region.

The pad acts as a two way shield, preventing dirt and small stones from getting trapped between the rug and carpet. It promotes air circulation and protects the rug's fibers from getting flattened. 

The best style of rug pad depends on the type of weave, thickness of the rug and the materials used to make it. 

Perfect for Flat Woven Persian Rugs

Contour lock rug pad

A flat, moderately thick rug pad like the contour lock is the perfect match for flat woven Persian style rugs like Kilims and Soumaks. It’s thin enough to have a low profile and not raise the rug too much creating a tripping hazard. At the same time, the combination of rubber and felt make it sturdy enough to hold rugs firmly in place.

Unlike cheap synthetic rug pads, the contour lock uses a proprietary blend of natural rubber that uses less clay filling than synthetic rug pads. Using too much clay dries out the rubber and causes flaking. The flakes can stick to floorboards and carpets and cause damage to the surfaces that’s difficult to repair.

The contour lock is particularly well suited for mid weight rugs that need some support to stay in place and don't require too much cushioning. 

For Higher End and Vintage Persian Rugs

Comfort Grip Rug Pad

The comfort grip rug pad is great for higher end Persian rugs. Made from a proprietary soybean oil polymer blend, it’s a 100% recyclable and eco friendly. It’s specifically designed to stop staining to floors and to maximize its grip strength, keeping higher end and vintage rugs in place while prolonging their life.

Despite its thin profile, it provides a good amount of cushioning and feels soft and luxurious under your feet. The thin profile and non slip properties make it a great choice for more intricate, luxurious Persian style rugs. 

For Large, Heavy Persian Rugs

Cloud Comfort Memory Foam

The cloud comfort rug pad is great for large Persian rugs and is particularly well suited for upper floor rooms. The memory foam provides support and comfort. The thick profile has great sound absorbing qualities. 

The memory foam doesn't have any non slip qualities so it's better suited for larger, heavier rugs that aren't likely to move that much. 

Protecting Persian Rugs In Hot, Humid Weather

Hot, humid weather doesn't just leave you exhausted longing for the cooler spring nights. Without proper care and air circulation, excess moisture can damage both your rugs and floors. It's not enough to just keep your rugs out of direct sunlight, the number one destroyer of vibrant rug colors. You have to promote free air circulation between the rug and the floor.

Excess moisture can make the vibrant colors of the rug bleed through and that can lead to staining. Too much moisture seeps into the fibers and can damage their integrity, causing discoloration. The waffle design of the comfort grip rug pad allows air to flow freely between the floor and the rug.  The moisture absorbing properties of the cloud comfort rug pad make them suitable for use in hot, humid climates. 

Persian style rugs have a rich history and are a great addition to any living space. By using the correct rug pad, you are making sure that they last and thrive.