Do You Need To Use A Rug Pad?

Do you really need to use a rug pad?

You’ve heard the horror stories. You’ve seen the pictures.

Cheap plastic rug pads seeping chemicals into gorgeous hardwood floors and causing hundreds (even thousands) of dollars of damage. Non-slip rug pads sticking to the floor boards, leaving visible marks and discoloration behind. PVC backed plastic rug pads, emitting volatile organic gases that ruin the indoor air quality and can cause all kinds of breathing issues. 

So with all these negatives, why should you use a rug pad? Simple.

Not all rug pads are created equal.

A great rug pad does no harm. The whole point of using them underneath your rugs is to provide extra protection and increase the life of both the rugs and the floor underneath them. So, in our fight to decrease rug pad infamy, we’d love to share 6 reasons why using a rug pad saves you time, money and stress.

1. The right rug pads protect your floor from damage

Unlike cheap plastic rug pads, quality natural rug pads increase your floor’s lifespan by acting as a buffer between it and the rug. 

Some rugs can have excess dye left in them from the weaving process that can be released due to pressure from footsteps or drastic changes in temperature. A rug pad acts like a guard, catching the dye and preventing it from seeping into your floor.

2.They prevent slipping (and decrease accidents)

Have you ever tried to walk quickly across a room on a quite thin rug with a full cup of coffee, only to accidentally misstep and slip on the rug? It’s not a great experience and one not really worth repeating.

Superior Lock Rug Pad

A non slip rug pad like the Superior Lock anchors your rug firmly to the floor and stops it from moving. The two coats of natural rubber make it incredibly steady and the grooves in the rubber back gently hold the rug in place. It grips the floor and the rug, making coffee trips safer for everyone involved. 

3.Encourages cleanliness

Rug pads allow air to keep circulating under your rug. Without sufficient air circulation mold, bacteria and other nasties take root underneath your rug.

If left unchecked, mold and bacteria forming underneath an area rug can damage the floor’s finish causing discoloration and, in some severe cases, rotting.

All this creates extra work for you and takes you away from the pleasant activities you’d rather be doing. Who wants to spend additional time cleaning away damage when you can easily prevent it and enjoy your hard earned time with a new book or your favorite Netflix show?

4. Softer on your feet

You know the blissful feeling when you wiggle your toes into a rug and it feels like it’s giving your feet a hug while keeping you grounded? Thick, higher profile rug pads placed under your area pads add extra cushioning that makes your rugs feel wonderfully luxurious. 

5.Your rug will look new for longer

Notoriously hard floors, like hardwood and tile can take a toll on rugs. 

Rugs are made of tiny fibers and over time, as we walk on them, the fibers get compressed. This causes the rug to lose color and luster, and makes it look older. A rug pad acts like shield between the floor and your rug.

By using a rug pad, you add an extra layer that takes a lot of the weight and adds support which means the compression isn’t as hard. That protection ensures that your rugs remain looking their best for longer periods of time.

6.Win neighbor points (or keeps your downstairs quiet!)

Soundproofing. One of the best things you can do for your sanity and increase your brownie points with your downstairs neighbors (or household residents).

Cloud Comfort Memory Foam Rug Pad

Sound proof rug pads like the Cloud comfort memory foam rug pad don’t just make your steps seem quieter. They keep the noise out and improve the acoustics of your home. That means watching Netflix on the big screen in the middle of the night won’t disturb other sleepers and the sound you hear will be even crisper.

But is that true for all rugs?

Some rugs, like area all-wool rugs, are heavy enough to hold their place without extra help. But even the hardiest wool rug will get compressed over time if places on a hard floor in an area with high foot traffic. 

By using a rug pad underneath your rugs, you are decreasing the weight pressure that goes on the rug and causes wear, tear and discoloration. You are extending the life of the rug while simultaneously protecting your floors.