Find the best rug pad for a flat weave rug

Flat weave rugs are a wonderful addition to your home. The gorgeous designs, deep colors and variety make them suitable for all sorts of settings and can complement the mood you are trying to create.

The right rug pad will protect both your flat weave rug and the floor surface from any unnecessary damage. The best rug pad for flat woven rugs depends on the weight, style and composition of the rug itself. 

Thin flat weave rugs like Aubusson

The Aubusson was created during the 16th century in the French town of Aubosson. Local weavers blended Turkish designs and French sensibilities, creating a unique motif that had been reserved for royalty alone. 

The Aubusson rugs was the first time these kind of designs became available to the general public- or at least the ones who could afford them!

The rugs we refer to as Aubusson today are thin profile rugs made all over the world and inspired by those original motifs. 

The thin profile make them perfectly suited for a rug pad like the contour lock

The contour lock is suitable for flat weave rugs

The combination of felt and natural rubber keep the rug firmly locked in place. The rubber gently grips the underside of the rug and keeps it from sliding about and becoming a trip hazard. 

Cheap plastic rug pads made with PVC can release toxic gases into the air, stain the floor surface and damage your rug. The combination of felt and natural rubber are kind to your flooring surface and the environment. 

All the materials used are natural, fully bio-degradable and, unlike synthetic rug pads, improve the air quality of your home. 

Heavier flat weave rugs like Kilims

The superior lock rug pad is great for flat weave rugs

The superior lock rug pad's thicker profile make it a great companion for thicker flat weave rugs like Kilims. Like the contour lock, it's made from a combination of natural felt and rubber but it's about twice as thick.

Its size adds to its sound proofing qualities. This rug pad absorbs the majority of impact and sound from foot traffic, running and jumping. It's great if you are active or you've got young children.

Why use a rug pad in the first place?

A rug pad acts as a buffer between the flooring surface and the rug. It's an extra layer of support and protection. 

A lot of dirt and grit particles sticks to the bottom of our shoes. Those particles then sit between the rug and the floor and create a sandpaper effect every time anyone walks on the rug. 

A protective layer in the shape of a rug pad prevents the rubbing and prevents damage to the floor or the rug. The right rug pad extends longevity and makes flooring surfaces feel even more comfortable. 

Make sure you select the right rug pad for your rug type!