Installing Your Rug Pad

Now that you have found the right pad for your household, floors, and rug; an important next step is to learn how to set up, clean, and maintain your new rug pad.  Here are some tips from us to you:

Make sure to clean your floors before rug pad placement

This one tip is often overlooked but is one of the most important things to do before using a rug pad.  Dirt, dust, and debris caught under a rug pad could cause permanent damage and scratches to your hardwood floors.  Sweeping and cleaning your flooring maximizes the efficiency of your rug pad.

Know how to reposition your non-slip rug pad

Once placed, your rug pad cannot simply be pulled or tugged into a different position.  A non-slip surface is designed to lock into the surface that it makes contact with.  To reposition your rug pad without harming it, lift at least two corners of the padding, then move the pad to the desired position.

Learn how to disinfect and clean your rug pad

Accidents happen.  If there is a pungent liquid spilled on your rug, your padding may lock the odor in for a period of time.  There are a few easy ways to properly clean your rug pad.  For water spills, simply pat your rug pad and air it out until fully dry.  For messier spills, try vinegar or baking soda.  These two solutions are able to remove the odor-causing bacteria. Clean your rug pads every now and then just to make sure that they’re disinfected and safe.