Rug Pad Care and Cleaning

Our Premium Non-slip Rug Pads are designed to last you for the lifetime of the rug with very little added maintenance. Our pads do not use any glues, chemicals, or adhesives. Our Rug Pads will NOT mold or mildew if affected with liquid. However, here are a few quick tips to help you keep your Rug Pads looking fresh as the day you purchased them.

Clean Up Spills

When a spill occurs on your rug, I’m hoping that your first reaction is to clean it up as soon as possible. Your rug is the most important piece, if it is a bad spill, you might need to take it to a professional cleaner. If possible, try to avoid dry cleaner. I have experienced many unsatisfied clients who came back to my shop asking for a new rug after a Dry Cleaner attempted to machine-clean their rug.


If they are a rubber lined open weave construction such as our Ultra-Stop, outdoor, and All Stop Pads, then you should try to have the flooring underneath cleaned at least once a year. These pads are breathable enough that they do not need to be vacuumed themselves. Our Solid material pads, such as our premium lock carpet pads and our 100% felt pads, may require a quick vacuum every 1-2 years. Depending on how much foot traffic your rug is receiving.

Shake em out

I couldn't figure out the technical term for this, but its a good idea to bring your rug pads outside and shake them out just like you would clean a rug every once in a while. You can take care of this while cleaning your hardwood or hard surface flooring.


You're recommended to rotate your rugs every year or so to give your hardwood some sunlight. I understand that this can be an issue for some who have their rooms set up just the way they want them. However, when possible, it may be a good idea to do so.